Judgment is the hallmark of the fallen consciousness

Ascended Master El Morya, October 21, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My point for this long discourse is to bring you to the realization, that when people are stuck in one of these dualistic states of consciousness, it is inevitable that they begin to become very critical and judgmental toward those who are not stuck in their states of consciousness. And that is why my point here is that if you look at people, perhaps even dare to look at yourself, and say, “Do I feel a need to criticize others? Do I feel a need to judge others? Do I feel a need to evaluate others? Can I identify that in the back of my mind there is always a voice, there is always a process, of criticizing, of judging, of evaluating everything, of comparing to some standard that I am not even consciously aware of? Can I recognize in myself that there is a tendency, sometimes, to blame—to blame myself, to blame others, to criticize, to condemn, to judge, to look for imperfections, instead of looking at the immaculate concept.”

My point here is to show you that too many spiritual people have not been willing to step up to the level of Christhood. They have instead become stuck in one of the states of consciousness that were originally created and reinforced by the fallen angels. And therefore, they have become judgmental and critical of anything that is different from that state of consciousness and its characteristics.

They are constantly judging and evaluating anything that comes to them. Because it is as if they have a mental box, and any idea that comes to them must somehow fit into that box and be put into a little drawer with a label on it, so they feel that they have the idea under control and so that their egos will not feel threatened by the idea. And so that the people themselves, the conscious selves, will not feel an urge to go beyond the mental box, to think outside the box.

What I want you to see from this discourse is that even if you have a very sophisticated vision of the spiritual side of life and have a sophisticated outer understanding of the teachings of the ascended masters, it is still possible that you can be stuck in a state of consciousness that is not the ascended master consciousness but is the consciousness of the fallen angels. Whether you actually fell from above, or whether you descended on a rescue mission, or whether you evolved from the earth, it does not really matter. What matters is that as long as you are in a state of consciousness that has the characteristics of the fallen consciousness – the judgmentalness, the judging after appearances as Jesus said – as long as you are in that state of consciousness, you are not expressing your Christhood. And therefore, you are truly not an ascended master student. You are not truly a student of El Morya because you are refusing to become MORE.

And instead of you becoming MORE, and constantly transcending yourself, you have accepted an upper limit. And now you are spending your attention on judging others whom you think do not live up to your standard, the standard that you have used to box yourself in—and your ego is now using to try to control everybody else and box them in, so that they will not disturb your vision by demonstrating that there is something beyond the box.

We would like to see all of our students move on towards their Christhood, instead of using our outer teachings to create a box that prevents them from reaching that Christhood. And instead, they become stuck in the consciousness of the fallen angels, so that even though they deny that they could be fallen angels, they are in reality acting like fallen angels, while justifying these actions and this judgmentalness with the teachings of the ascended masters. My Beloved, this is such a travesty that I can barely express my discontent for it.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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