Jesus reaches out to Christians and non-christians

Ascended master Jesus, March 26, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Two thousand years ago, when I walked the earth, I came for a specific mission, directed primarily toward the Jews—not as an outer race but as a certain state of consciousness. That state of consciousness has not been transformed, and many people on earth are still stuck in that consciousness. And unfortunately, many of them are in the Middle East. Yet so many more people have transcended that consciousness, and that is why I can now reach out to many more people, people who come from different races, difference ethnic and national backgrounds—and yes, different religious backgrounds.

For truly, when you tune in to the oneness of God within you, the outer divisions fade away. And it is only by seeing that people can come together and look beyond their outer divisions, it is only by seeing this oneness of Spirit, that the world will be awakened to the transforming power of love, unconditional love, that knows no boundaries and accepts no divisions. And thus I welcome you to this feast of the Lord’s table.

I say again, do not focus on the outer appearances, do not even focus on the instruments we use to give a message, such as this one. Focus within. You each have a unique mission, a unique calling, and it is yours to claim. And I, Jesus, tell you; it is time to claim it, to stand up and say:

I will let no man take my crown of my inner attunement with my higher Being. And especially, I will not let the enemy within, my own ego, take that crown of my inner attunement. Because I have longed all of my life to Be who I am, to bring my gift to this world, the gift that will transform the world. And yet I cannot find that gift outside myself. I must find it within—in my higher self. And thus, I will look beyond the outer programming and the inner programming of the ego. And I will say, “Here I am Lord, send me. I will go and bring a gift that will help awaken this world to your reality and your love.”

And thus I seal you in my flame of devotion to God’s will, that you saw when I sat in the garden and went through the same pain and travail that many of you have experienced. And yet, after working through this, I came to a point of inner peace, and I said, “Nevertheless, Father, not my will but thine be done.” And thus I seal you, until I speak to you again on the morrow. It is done.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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