Jesus only wants people to feel God’s love

Ascended Master Jesus, December 25, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I am indeed the ascended Jesus Christ. I come to you on this day with a mixture of joy and a mixture of sorrow. This is not the human sorrow that you know. But I desire you to realize that even an ascended being can feel something comparable to sorrow by watching the people on earth suffer needlessly, because they have not understood the message that could have set them free from all suffering. That message is the very message written into every aspect of my life.

I feel a sense of sorrow on every Christmas season, because I see that even though people come together in the spirit of giving, they come together only to celebrate my birth, my entry into this world. Yet was it really my entry into this world that was the most important part of my life? Nay, it is not so.

And especially not when people celebrate my birth with elaborate rituals and beliefs that make me seem even further away from them, as if I am so far above them because I was born under such miraculous circumstances. When you hear the stories – that I was born of a virgin, that a star, a physical star, appeared over my birthplace and that three wise men from the orient came to greet my entry into this world – surely you will feel that you are not important compared to me. Yet my beloved hearts do you really think that that is how I want you to feel?

Nay, I Jesus have no other desire than for you to feel and accept the absolute fact that God loves you with the same infinite, unconditional love with which he loves me. So many people around the world look at my life and they see me as being above them. Yet did I not declare my oneness with all life on many occasions? And truly, I came as the selfless servant of life who has no desire to be elevated above others, but only desires to elevate all life.

Is that not why I prayed to my father, saying that I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me (John 12:32)? Do you see, that I was not praying for God to elevate me above other people? I was praying because I realized that I had the Christ potential and the potential to become the way-shower for the age of Pisces. And thus, I desired to fulfill that potential—not for selfish reasons, not to have people look up to me, but so that I might serve as the instrument for raising all life, for raising all people into the love and the joy that truly is the Kingdom of God, so that they could understand that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give them the Kingdom.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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