Jesus’ Judgment of false teachers

Ascended Master Jesus, August 19, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

Some people say they have everything they need for their salvation.
I say, “Prove it!” Prove it by embodying the teachings that you have. I have no desire to make you a follower of any particular outer teacher. I only desire to make you a follower of the inner teacher, the Christ within, the only true teacher there is.

Do you understand it? We of the ascended masters send you outer teachers because you cannot discover the path on your own, and then you turn the outer teachers into idols that prevent you from locking in to the inner teacher. This must stop! This must stop now!

God’s Judgments upon the false teachers and their false students
I am Jesus Christ, and I hereby pronounce God’s judgment upon the false teachers and their false students. Those who have embodied the false path. Those who have been as the lawyers of old that I rebuked. Those who have not entered in to the inner path and those who are trying to prevent others from entering in.

I hereby pronounce your judgment. I pronounce the judgment of all false teachers on planet earth. And I desire you to hold in your consciousness the vision of a mass awakening of human beings all over the earth who suddenly wake up, come out of the tomb of the false teachings, start unwrapping the burial cloth with which they have been bound and tied down, suddenly discovering the sun of their spiritual selves.

This is the vision I desire to give you, and I desire you to hold it. We do not desire to see every human being on earth become a member of one particular Church. We desire to see every human being discover the inner path wherever they are. Will you hold that vision for me?


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



Copyright © 2003 Kim Michaels