Jesus holds the Office of the Prince of Peace

Ascended Master Elohim of Peace, May 4, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, some of you will be aware that Jesus was called the Prince of Peace, and it is indeed because he served on the sixth ray of Peace and ministering service. He did indeed study under the Elohim of Peace that I AM. I taught him many things, as he, at inner levels, attended the retreat of the Elohim of Peace, located in the etheric realm over the island chain of Hawaii.

Why did Jesus study under the Elohim of Peace? Because he came to inaugurate the age of Pisces, which is the sixth age in a series of seven that are meant to take humankind and the earth to a higher level where, indeed, the Golden Age and the kingdom of God can be physically manifest on this planet. Thus, Jesus came to inaugurate what is designed to be the Age of Peace—meaning that in this past 2,000-year cycle, humankind was designed to overcome all war.

Yes my beloved, I understand that when you look at the world today, you will see that there is much war and rumors of war going on on this planet. Indeed, one might say that the tension is building and that there is a potential for war here, there and everywhere. Yet, if you could see deeper, if you could see to the level where I see, you would realize that these are simply the death throes of the forces of war that have been ruling this planet for thousands of years. Yet their opportunity is fast coming to an end.

And thus it is time – it will shortly be time – for them to either surrender their warring ways and start the Path of Peace or to be taken from this planet, so that the earth can continue to grow without being pulled down by the weight of these lifestreams—who have, for thousands of years, dedicated their entire beings to making war, mastering the art of war, always engaging in the dualistic struggle to destroy what they have defined as the enemy. Yet in reality these lifestreams are warring against themselves because they are trying to deflect attention from the conflict in their own beings by creating conflicts between themselves and others. Thereby, they have an excuse for defeating the enemy without instead of finally facing, conquering, and defeating the enemy within that is their own egos.

The keys to the Path of Peace

So my beloved, Jesus came 2,000 years ago to give everyone the essential spiritual keys for walking the Path of Peace and obtaining that inner peace that is the absolute necessity for bringing about outer peace on earth. Jesus has given you a profound teaching on how the top ten percent of the most spiritually evolved people on this planet are the ones who have the potential to take the earth into the Golden Age.

Yet I must tell you that for this to happen, it is absolutely necessary that these top ten percent dedicate themselves to the Path of Peace, which means that they must overcome – and I say MUST overcome – the warring in their own members. For without overcoming their warring, how can there possibly be peace in their own beings? And if there is no one in embodiment to anchor the Flame of Peace, then how can there be peace on earth?

You see, I, the Elohim of Peace, am bound by the law of God to not cast my pearls before swine. And thus, in order to radiate the Flame of Peace to planet earth, I must have open hearts who can be the open doors for the Flame of Peace. Yet how can you be the open door unless you have first dedicated your own being and life to the Path of Peace, to the cause of peace, so that you have been willing to overcome the warring in your members and thereby become a worthy focus in the material universe for the spiritual flame of Peace?

It simply is not possible to bring peace unless a critical mass of people on earth dedicate their lives to becoming the open doors for peace. This is not possible because the law of God mandates that human beings have dominion over the earth. Truly I, the Elohim of Peace, have access to the infinite supply of God’s peace. My Flame of Peace could at this moment flash forth a radiation of peace so strong that it would consume all war and conflict on this planet and instantly consume those who are not willing to give up their warring ways.

Yet, this would be a violation of the Law of Free Will, which states that you who are in embodiment have dominion. I do not have dominion because you are the ones who must decide that you will no longer accept war on this planet. And in order for that decision to carry authority and have dominion over the earth, you must first be willing to decide that you will no longer have the warring in your own members. And thereby, you can then become a focus for the flame of God Peace. This is what Jesus had obtained. And he showed a magnificent example of how others can obtain the same.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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