Jesus did not give the keys to the kingdom to Peter

Ascended Master Jesus, February 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

For indeed, my beloved, the kingdom of God is not in the Catholic Churches or in any other churches. The kingdom of God is within, which is precisely why it is such a fallacy, that I gave the keys to the kingdom of God to Saint Peter. No, I did not give the keys to Peter; I gave the keys to the consciousness which makes it possible, that all people have the potential to recognize the living Christ and to recognize that there is a reality beyond your mental box.

This is the key to the kingdom, this is the key of knowledge, that opens the doorway to the kingdom within your heart—when you use it. But when you do not use it – as Peter refused to use it by denying me three times and many more times – well, then you will not find that kingdom within. And then you become susceptible to the lie, that you will never find it by yourself, but that you need an outer Church, an outer organization, a vicar of Christ or even the sacrifice of Christ in order to be saved.

What folly, what fallacy, what hypocrisy. Let this lie come to an end this day. Let it be exposed for what it is, let the beast behind it come to an end, as, again, I raise the scepter and touch the third eye of these beasts of Christianity. And let them then be taken. But also let them be exposed – the lies be exposed – so that people can see it and find their new freedom and not re-create it. So that they will not stay in it for the rest of their lives, but will awaken and use whatever time they have left in the physical octave as a supreme opportunity to overcome – to overcome this death consciousness, this Peter consciousness, this consciousness of anti-christ – and go within and find the truth, the Living Truth in their hearts.

It is not found in structures; it is not found in books or buildings. It is not found anywhere outside of yourself. And if you focus on something outside of yourself – so that it takes your awareness, your attention away from that which is within, from the point of stillness within – well, then that outer thing has indeed become an idol, a graven image that stands between you and God, you and the Living God—who is constantly transcending itself and therefore cannot be confined to any structure, any form, for it is beyond form.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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