Jesus’ challenge to humanity

Ascended Master Jesus, February 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

You alone are responsible for finding the kingdom of God within YOU. Nobody can find it for you, nobody can take you to that kingdom, unless you find it within yourself. And therefore, you are responsible for your own salvation, for you are responsible for the use of your free will, and how you have used that free will and the force of your attention, your co-creative powers, to create a sense of identity as a mortal human being, who is either a sinner or in other ways prevented from entering the kingdom of God. You think you must go through a process before you can enter that kingdom, instead of accepting what I said 2,000 years ago: the kingdom of God is at hand—if you are willing to go within and find it there.

You can find it at any time; there is no process other than the process you need to go through in order to change the reality that you believe—the reality that is a lie, but you believe it is a reality, thinking there is something that separates you from the kingdom of God. Something you have done in the past, some condition created by God, where you were born into sin or whatever it may be. You have elevated some condition in this world to have power over your Spirit, your conscious self, and your oneness with your spiritual self, your I AM Presence. That is the graven image that you have set before the God in you, and only YOU have created it and only YOU can uncreate it. Only you can go beyond it, only you can determine to let it die by not feeding the light into it over your attention.

Thus, this is the challenge I hurled at humanity 2,000 years ago. Oh, so few have been willing to take up that challenge. Yet at least in this age many more are prepared to take up the challenge—if they are willing. And thus, many will need only a word, many will need only a simple explanation—not in any high-flung language, not clothed in any kind of authority, other than the simple authority of the truth, that certainly unlocks in them an inner memory of what they already know in their hearts. And suddenly, their outer minds are quickened, and they now reconnect to that inner knowing. And they realize, that this is indeed the truth: “I am here to demonstrate that I am one of those who is willing to take full and final responsibility for myself, to raise myself above the duality consciousness, to expose it in myself by being honest and willing to look at myself, and to expose it wherever I find it in the external world, even in the religion of my culture and my family and my society. I am willing to speak out and say, ‘This simply makes no sense anymore. I refuse to believe it. I refuse to let it guide my life, to let it consume my life. I refuse it, and therefore I am willing to speak out. I am willing to speak out the reality that there is MORE.’”

Whatever you think of me, I am more. Whatever you think of me – no matter whether you think you have been in the ascended masters’ teachings for decades, whether you have studied this or that dictation, whether you think you know the reality of who I am, even if you have read everything that is on the AskrealJesus website or everything that is in the books – I am MORE. I am more than anything that could ever be put into words, into any outer teaching. I am more, and you will only know that more, when you decide to look for it in your heart. For it is only there, that you will find the Living Christ. You will not find me anywhere else, neither in this Church of Saint Peter, nor on the AskrealJesus website, nor in any other location that you can pinpoint on this earth.

You will find me only when you go within your heart, not to find a location, but to find the point of stillness, the singularity that is the opening to the kingdom of God. For it is the opening that goes beyond space and time, that goes beyond form, and that is where you will find me. For even though I can take on form, as I did 2,000 years ago in a physical body, even though I can speak through a form, such as this messenger or my website, I am always more than any form I take on—just as you are always more than any form you have taken on. And this is the realization you need to come to for yourself, before you can find it in me, before you can reconnect to the formless self that you are.

The desire to know before you see

You all think that you have a divine plan, you all think that you have a divine individuality in your I AM Presence, but you all fail to realize, that the divine individuality is beyond form. It does not have a form, that you can pinpoint with your outer mind. You cannot write it down, you cannot see it in a vision. You can only let it unfold itself; you will not know what it is, my beloved, before it is manifesting itself through you. You will know it as you see it unfold; you will not know it ahead of time.

Do you see, that this is precisely the Peter consciousness, the idea that there is a gap between your action and your inner knowing, so that you are supposed to know within what you will do. And then you have a space, where you can decide whether you are willing to do it or not. This is the fallen consciousness, this is the duality consciousness, that wants to judge everything based on an earthly, man-made standard, even a standard of perfection—as so many have attempted to define a standard of perfection. You want to be able to judge your impulses from your I AM Presence before you allow them to manifest as actions or words. And in wanting to judge, you are not willing to let yourself die into the flow of the Spirit, where you do not know where the Holy Spirit will flow through you. But if you want to judge, you are not willing to let that Spirit blow where it listeth. You want to know ahead of time whether it will flow in an appropriate way. And therefore, you stop its flow by that very desire to know before you see.

My Beloved, I have no desire for you to study even my living teachings on the AskrealJesus website, so that you become the most knowledgeable spiritual people on earth. I have no desire for you to know everything but fail to act on anything. I desire you to become as the little child, who is willing to express whatever comes through him from the Spirit. But who has, of course, gone through the learning process, the process of separating yourself from the outer identity, so that you are not expressing from the ego and the fears of the human. But you are fearless before God and fearless before men in allowing the Spirit to express itself through you. This is the Holy Spirit, this is the flow, this is the Church that I came to start, and this is the Church against which the gates of hell shall not prevail.

Because the gates of hell is precisely the desire to make form permanent and to enclose Spirit in form. And it cannot be done, and that is why the gates of hell will indeed prevail against any Church that seeks to enclose Spirit in form, as this Catholic Church has done now for so long, that everyone thinks that this is the only way to be Christian. But it is not being truly Christian, for it is not being like Christ, who expressed whatever came to me.

Do you really think, that I knew everything I was going to do? My Beloved, there were many times, where I had no idea what God would do through me, I simply allowed it to happen. And I was as surprised when it happened as those who were looking on. There was no sense of pre-destination, of pre-definition, of premonition. Certainly, I had certain inklings and visions, but I did not allow them to trap my mind into wanting to make them happen, or fearing that they would happen. I surrendered and allowed it.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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