Jesus came to bring Joy

Ascended Master Jesus, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Real Jesus—not the fake Jesus that people have been worshiping for nigh 2,000 years, thinking that I need to be worshiped by human beings. Nay, why would I need to be worshiped, when I AM indeed an expression of the God Flame of unconditional, infinite, never-ending, inexhaustible Joy?

Now, how many of you – most of you having grown up in a Christian culture – would associate joy with the name “Jesus Christ?”

And it is quite understandable, my beloved, for I dare say that if you were to ask that question to the billions of Christians on this earth, nary a one of them would dare to answer in the affirmative. For the stigma created by the perverted Christianity over these 2,000 years hangs over this planet like a dark cloud. Yet I must tell you that I came with a joyful message. For as my Mother, both physical and spiritual, said yesterday, there was a certain consciousness of death that was judged and taken from this planet as a result of my victory and resurrection. And it was indeed a very joyous and joyful event, setting people free, giving them the potential to rise to a higher level of consciousness.

I come to bring joy to the world

Thus, I come today to bring more of that Joy Flame, that those who are willing – those who are prepared at inner levels, some during many embodiments over these past 2,000 years of seeing every shading of Christianity – nevertheless they have been prepared at inner levels to accept, indeed, the joyful message of my coming.

The kingdom of God is at hand! For you see, my beloved, when that death consciousness was lifted, it did indeed become possible for many people to embody the Christ consciousness on earth, which had not been – in practicality – possible before, although it was possible in theory. Well, let me say instead that it was possible for a few, but certainly not possible for the many. And thus, we have now the unprecedented potential that many people can dare to embody Christhood and dare to express it, dare to communicate it to the world, my beloved.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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