Jesus and his feminine polarity

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

When I walked this earth, these hills of Galilee, I was accompanied most of the time by my beloved companion, Mary Magdalene. We held back then, a spiritual office called the Two Witnesses—those who embody, those who hold, that Flame of Christ in the masculine and feminine polarity. And in coming together in union, in oneness and harmony, they can hold that spiritual office. When I walked this earth, there were many, who were critical of my relationship with Mary Magdalene, for we were not married, yet we were companions in every way. And they used this even as an excuse for rejecting me, for I did not follow their tradition. I did not seek the approval of man, but only the approval of God.

The reason why Mary and I were companions back then was that we knew, through the power of the Spirit, that our oneness was needed to hold the balance for my mission, for I could not have done this without the union with the feminine polarity, that divine companion created as my lifestream was created. We could not let anything on earth stand in the way of this, as we met in the physical. There was a need to let everything go, to leave everything else behind, no matter what it seemed like in the eyes of men—who saw it through their personal and epic dramas, through their tradition and judged it harshly, I might say.

This is not recorded in the Scriptures, but Mary Magdalene was married, when she met me, and she left her husband to follow me. She could not get a divorce and thus we could not marry, and this was indeed a cause of judgment and condemnation for many. Yet we knew, that there was a greater purpose to be fulfilled in those three short years, that I had in this area for this mission. So we could not let man separate what God had put together in the beginning. This is indeed the reality, my beloved. 

When an office, a spiritual opportunity opens up, and there are those who can fill it, well then if they are willing, they have to put their hand to the plow and never look back. For if they look back, they might be pulled back into the old patterns and dramas, and so they keep looking upwards towards me, the living Christ, as I say to all of you: “What is that to thee, follow thou me.” Let the dead bury their dead. Come unto me on the mount of transfiguration, where you will be transfigured and not even recognize yourselves as you were yesterday or a year or ten years ago.

This is an offer I extend to all who would be disciples of the living Christ in this age, who know they have come into embodiment to manifest that Christhood as one of the ten thousands, one of the millions. Do not look back; look forward. Put your hand to the plow, that I have already set in motion, that has gained momentum, that is cutting through the fields, cleaving the real from the unreal. And when you encounter the inevitable pull from other people, then look to me in your heart, connect to me in your heart and say; “O Jesus, what is that to me; I will follow thee.” And you will feel the return current, as I send the unconditional love of my heart into your heart chakra to fan the fire that already burns there—that you may feel it even more brightly and know, that this is the true star of Bethlehem, that leads you to the birthplace of Christ.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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