Jesus also suffered and had frustrations

Ascended Master Jesus, March 28, 2005 through Kim Michaels.


Again, many lifestreams, who volunteered to take on a condition to balance a certain amount of world karma, will get stuck in carrying that condition far beyond the point that is necessary, far beyond the point where they have actually balanced that portion of world karma and are now free to focus on the positive aspects of their divine plan, which is to bring their gifts to this world.

A lifestream has two purposes for taking embodiment. One is to carry the cross, one is to bring its gift. And spiritual people often choose to take on the cross first, and once they have conquered that task, they are then free to be whole in bringing their gift. But if they are tricked into rebelling against carrying their cross, and if they are not willing to let their human ego and their attachments die on that cross, then the lifestream will be stuck. And this is what happened to Peter—that he recognized the Christ, but he was not willing to fully identify with me, even to the point where he was willing to be crucified next to me if that was God’s plan.

The key to moving out of this impasse is to learn from my example, where you saw me in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before my trial and crucifixion. And again, the serpents of this world have created the false image of Jesus Christ that makes it impossible for most people to identify with me. And thus they tend to gloss over the fact that, while I was in that garden, I was deeply disturbed and deeply distraught.

I cried tears of blood. I was suffering, as so many other people are suffering, by carrying the burden that I was carrying, by carrying my cross, and by the thought of what would happen next. And I was so burdened by this that even though my Conscious You had volunteered to come into that situation, I still asked God to take that cup away from me. And this will show you that Jesus Christ was indeed human like yourself and not some God and not some superhuman, for whom the path was easy.

The path was not easy for me. I was as frustrated and distraught that evening as any human being has ever been frustrated. And yet the inspiration you can take away from this is that I eventually came to the point, where I took ownership of my situation. I decided that I was willing to let God’s will be done, and not the lower will of the outer mind. I surrendered myself to God and said, “Nevertheless Father, not my will but thine be done.” Yet I could not have surrendered myself to God unless I had taken ownership of my situation, unless I had taken ownership to the point where, if I had had to keep the condition forever, I would have been at peace with that.


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