It is time to accept your creative power

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 24, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

This is the message, that Jesus gave 2,000 years ago. And we of the ascended masters knew that 2,000 years ago, there were very few people who were ready to understand the fullness of Jesus’ message. But we also know that today, there are many people among the top ten percent who are ready to understand this message. They are ready to embody that message and to go out and make good on Jesus’ promise, that those who believe on him shall do the works that he did and even greater works than he did—because humankind has progressed in consciousness over the past 2,000 years. And therefore, it is possible to bring forth even greater abundance, even greater so-called miracles, than Jesus could bring forth 2,000 years ago.

This is the reality that can be attained by you, when you truly understand the fifth ray of creative vision and of holistic healing, through a total change in consciousness that frees you, that raises you above the duality of the mechanization consciousness of action and reaction. And therefore, it sets you free to be the open door for the Father-Mother God to express itself through you, as that infinite power that is completely one with the love, and thus brings forth a balanced manifestation through the Son, that raises up all sons and daughters of God. Because the consciousness of the Son is precisely what sees all life as one and empowers you to see yourself as one with the Father and as one with all life, thus seeing that it is only by raising up the All, that you truly raise up yourself.

Thus, my beloved, I seal you in the fifth ray of vision and healing, infused with the seventh ray of freedom and the entire momentum of freedom that I, Saint Germain, embody for this planet. For I AM in the Great IS of Freedom. Therefore, I IS Freedom for the earth. And I am willing to give that flow of IS to those who will reach for total freedom from the mechanization consciousness that is anti-freedom. Thus, be sealed in that Freedom Flame, that cannot be stopped by anything—except the free will of the individual and the free will of a society. I seal you in the love of my heart.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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