It is only through the heart that you recognize Christ

Ascended Master Mother Mary, October 20, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

What is the role of the heart in your being? Well, the heart is the center of your lower being. And therefore it is the open door between your higher and your lower being. It is through the heart that the light and the wisdom and the divine direction from your higher self must enter your lower being. It cannot happen through the head. It does not matter how sophisticated an intellectual understanding you have of spiritual concepts. It does not matter that you know every letter of the outer law. For as the lawyers and the scribes and the Pharisees proved 2,000 years ago, you can have any amount of outer knowledge and understanding, yet you are not able to recognize the Living Christ when he stands before you in the flesh. And thus, you reject him and crucify him because you feel threatened by his mere presence, by the light and by the teaching he brings. Because you see that it will overturn the old order, and you are not willing to give up that comfortability. 

Those who had the power back then rejected my Jesus and crucified him rather than give up their comfortability and their old beliefs. And why were they not willing to even see that Jesus was the Christ? Why were they not willing to follow him? It was because their hearts were hardened. And thus, they were not able to get out of their heads and into their hearts, to feel the love that they could have felt when they were in the presence of the Living Christ. For truly, all who are in the presence of the Living Christ have the potential to sense the ultimate, the unconditional, love that the Living Christ radiates in this world.

Yet for that to happen, their hearts must have a certain amount of purity, a certain amount of openness, so that they are willing to tune in and feel what is going on in their hearts. For as the disciples said, as they met Jesus on the road and did not recognize him, “Did not our hearts burn within us.” And this is the sign that you are in the presence of the Living Christ—that your heart is burning.

But if you are too much in your head, as the disciples were, being distraught over Jesus’ disappearance and crucifixion, then you cannot recognize what comes to you in your heart or you cannot interpret that burning. Sometimes you can even think with your head that the burning in your heart is the sense that there is something wrong. Perhaps that there is even something dark, and you do not recognize it for what it is—the love fires in your heart that are simply burning away the hardness of your heart.

And thus, it is not the burning or the love that is wrong, but the hardness that is being consumed. Yet if you are so identified with the hardness that you cannot just let it go, then you can be afraid to let it go, to let it burn, because you do not know what you will have after it leaves. Yet what you will have is the unconditional love of God. And I tell you, it is a good bargain, compared to what is in most people’s hearts today.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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