Is there any absolute truth?

Ascended Master Jesus, April 7, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

I desire you to understand more of the nature of the Living Word. And truly I will speak more about this. But I want to leave you with one thought to contemplate and that is: There is a dream in religious tradition of finding some absolute, some infallible scripture or teaching that is absolutely true at all times and for all conditions. Many people look for that absolute truth and think there has to be such a thing as absolute truth. But what I desire you to contemplate is my words spoken 2,000 years ago, “God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth” (John 4:24). Take note that I did not tell people to worship God through the scriptures. So how can it be that so many people in the Christian world think that they can only know God and contemplate God through the scriptures—and that any idea about God must conform to scripture or it is false?

The Living Word is what allows you to rise above duality, but only when you internalize it and make it come alive in your heart. So as I speak these words into the physical octave – where you can hear these words – if you only listen to my words with the intellect, then these words are not the Living Word. They are the dead word in your mind, even though I speak them from the spiritual realm, and I, as the Living Christ, truly am expressing the Living Word in the material universe. The Living Word does not come alive in you unless you allow it to come alive, allow it to transform you, allow it to show you something that you have not so far seen and that your ego is not willing to see and does not want you to see.

There is no way to express an absolute truth in the physical universe. Because anything that is expressed becomes subject to interpretation. People impose their filters upon it and, depending on their willingness to see through their own filter, they can kill the Living Word in an instant, in the instant it enters their being.

You have heard the saying that what someone says to you goes in one ear and out the other. Well, I can tell you that there are many people who listen to the Living Word, and the Living Word goes in one ear but then the dead word comes out the other ear. So it has no effect on them, for these people have made the Word of God of no effect in their tradition, in the tradition that is between their ears, namely in the brain and the analytical mind. For they are not listening to the Word with their heart but only with their mind. And that is indeed why I could say that these people honoureth God with their mouth but their heart is far from him (Matthew 15:8).

Why people’s outer minds resist truth

There are millions of people on this planet right now who are ready at inner levels to accept this truth. Yet, you will still find that their outer minds might resist you for a while. What happens here is that you must be willing to be persistent and to not let their rejection of the Living Word cause YOU to reject the Living Word or refuse to give it out to others. For my beloved, if you will be honest in this process, you will know that when you try to share the Word with someone and they reject you, the reaction you have to their rejection will show you something about what you have not resolved in yourself.

For truly, if you give them the Living Word with total non-attachment – the profoundness of Maitreya’s teaching in his book where he talks about separating action from reaction, separating action from results, from any expectation of a particular outcome – if you are willing to do this, then you will have no attachments and you cannot be affected negatively whatsoever by them rejecting you and calling you names and accusing you of being a tool of the devil, as they accused me of being many times. So again, delivering the WORD to others is a two-edged sword because it will show you what is unresolved in yourself. But I trust that you will be willing to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Aah, I see now that I reacted to that person in a way that is less than harmonious. And so let me discover that attachment and overcome it so I can move on.” For truly, I will tell you the “absolute” truth here: You are not responsible for how other people respond when you give them the WORD. Your responsibility is to give the WORD so that they have an opportunity to make a choice. Your responsibility is not choosing for them.

So therefore, you can be completely non-attached. For, as I said, everyone shall be judged by the WORD. And you will be judged by your willingness to share the WORD you have internalized. And when you have shared the WORD, you have done your job. And now it is up to them how they accept or reject the WORD, but that will be their judgment not yours. And you do not need to judge them, for, as I said, the WORD will take care of this. Judge not that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1).

So, my beloved, be willing to observe yourself. And observe when you have a reaction where you feel uneasy, out of harmony, somewhat fearful or apprehensive and then say: “Why should I feel that way? There is no reason for me to feel that way unless I have an attachment. And that attachment cannot pass through the screen door, so let me uncover it and get rid of it, for I want to go through that door.” Once again, I thank you for your attention for, I have spoken my peace in this installment and will surely give you more when the time is appropriate.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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