Is objectivity possible?

Ascended Master Jesus, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

And this is, indeed, the desire that is the hope for the awakening of humankind, when you dare to witness that you had that desire, that you were willing to follow it, and that you have indeed experienced the Living God—as this messenger expressed in his video, where he talks about the only proof of the existence of God is the direct experience. Look through the comments on that video, my beloved, and see how those trapped in the duality consciousness seek to deny or ridicule every aspect of it, seeking to come up with a very “clever” belief, my beloved, (and “clever” of course being in quotation marks), that everything is just a matter of subjective experience, that there is no objective experience, no objective reality.

Yet, my beloved, understand the subtle difference. You are an individualization of the Creator’s Being. The Creator is omnipresent. Your sense of self is focused at a particular localized point. The Creator sees everything from the omnipresent perspective; you see the world from your localized perspective. Do you see that, certainly, you do not have the omnipresent perspective of the Creator? But does that mean you cannot have an objective experience?

Well, that depends on how you define “objective,” my beloved. For you see, if the materialists are right that you cannot have an objective experience, then they have nullified their own philosophy and argument. Because then it follows logically that materialism and their belief in materialism – and their belief in the superiority of materialism over any form of faith – is also their subjective experience. And thus, they cannot be any more right than any religion. And they are in fact arguing that, “My subjective experience is superior to your subjective experience.” And this of course – if they were honest – nullifies their entire argument.

And thus, we come to the realization that we need a slightly deeper understanding of the concept of objectivity, my beloved. And it is very simple. As we have said, any human being on this planet is at this very moment looking at the world through his or her personal database that forms a filter for how you look at everything, how you categorize any experience by relating it to your previous experiences and beliefs in the database. Seeing the world through the filter of your database is a subjective experience. Whether you are a religious person who believes in God – but has never experienced the Presence of God – or whether you are a materialist who denies the existence of God, you are seeing the world through your subjective filter.

But you see, my beloved, it is indeed possible for human beings to come to see one or a few steps beyond their present filter, to expand their database, or even to go beyond the database and experience a new understanding, a higher understanding.

Science and objectivity

My Beloved, for centuries science has precisely empowered people to see beyond some of the hypocrisy and superstition created by the rigid Christianity of the Middle Ages. And do you not see, then, that science itself claims that it is possible to have an objective experience? What scientists are currently denying is that one can have such an experience through consciousness.

But as quantum physics has proven, you can never have an experience that is not coming through your consciousness. So the question of how objective your experience is depends on how dense the filter of your personal database is. Which means that when you go through a conscious effort of questioning and challenging the assumptions and beliefs in your database – replacing them with a higher understanding, or perhaps discarding them altogether – then you can gradually work towards a state of consciousness where even though you still see the world from a localized perspective, you are not seeing the world through the filter of a database filled with dualistic beliefs. And this, my beloved, is the true definition of objectivity.

This does not mean that there is some ultimate standard of objectivity that you can attain while still in embodiment. For the only ultimate standard of objectivity is the omnipresent awareness of the Creator. But nevertheless, it means that those who are willing to see beyond duality – those who are willing to consider how their view of the world is colored by their database – well they can work towards a state of mind where they are clear from the dualistic beliefs. Instead of seeing through a glass darkly, as Paul expressed it, they can now see him for who he is. They can see Christ reality. They can see themselves as spiritual beings, extensions of the Creator’s Infinite Being, focused in a particular point in the finite world, but with an infinite potential to go beyond it and embrace infinity.


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