Inconsistencies in the theory of evolution

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

The problem in the theory of evolution is that it, of course, cannot explain how there can be such an overall consciousness, that is able to consider what is best for the entire species, and therefore enable human beings who have self-awareness to consciously and willingly override their own narrow, short-term self-interest in order to work for the survival of the race as a whole. And thus, those scientists who promote the theory of evolution have an inconsistency in their own logic.

For the very fact that they are seeking to promote the theory of evolution as a way to create peace on earth and overcome the fighting caused by religion, demonstrates that they have a greater awareness, an awareness that cannot be explained simply through the survival of the fittest, as the theory of evolution currently explains this mechanism. Even in the materialistic paradigm there is a logical flaw, and the scientists themselves demonstrate that flaw by arguing that materialism would create peace where religion has created war. For the very fact that they argue this cause shows that there must be some state of consciousness, that can allow human beings to look beyond their own narrow self-interest, to tune in to what is best for the race as a whole.

And where in the current materialistic paradigm is there room for such an overall state of consciousness, that goes beyond the individual and the individual genes? Well, it simply is not there. And it is not there because scientists themselves, the scientists in the field of biology, have not been willing to look at the philosophical consequences of the science of quantum physics, which has proven that the consciousness of the scientist has a fundamental influence on the experiment itself. There must be a deeper reality, namely that consciousness is part of everything that happens on planet earth. And thus, it is not logical that the evolutionary process is guided only by chance, and the adaptation to the environment. For there must be a greater consciousness behind the evolutionary process.

This demonstrates to you, that scientific materialism is not – as it claims – a philosophy designed to set people free, by giving them a greater understanding of the reality of life than what was found in medieval Catholic doctrine. Nay, my beloved, scientific materialism is not aimed at setting people free from the illusions that keep them trapped in a lesser state of abundance, that keep them trapped in poverty. It is simply – as I explained yesterday – a philosophy created by the aspiring power elite, who want to take over the position of the established power elite based on the medieval Church.

The war between religion and science

Dogmatic religion in any form and scientific materialism are simply the outplaying of the age-old power struggle between two dualistic opposites. This is what you see very obviously in the Middle East—where you have groups of people that fight against each other and have been doing so for generations, but for outsiders it is very easy to see that they are fighting over nothing, for there is no real reason for them to be fighting other than the fact that they hate each other.

It should be possible for people in the West, who see this nonsense going on in the Middle East, to step back and look at their own society and see that the mechanism, the dualistic struggle that they see in the Middle East, is also present in their own western societies, only in a more subtle form that is not expressed in physical violence but is expressed in a form of mental and spiritual violence. Where they have two forces that are fighting, both claiming to be fighting to liberate the people in some ultimate way, whether it be through the Catholic doctrine of salvation or through the scientific doctrine of freeing people minds from the illusions of religion.

But in reality neither of those two systems will free the people’s minds to know the reality of what is going on on this planet. And therefore, none of the two systems, neither dogmatic religion nor scientific materialism, will educate people to the basic reality that I started this discourse explaining—namely that they are being used by forces beyond this planet, who are seeking to steal their light and energy by causing them to engage in the dualistic struggle.

And how do they do this? By causing them to engage in the dualistic consciousness, whereby they project a dualistic image into the cosmic mirror and therefore inevitably receive back from the cosmic mirror physical circumstances, where it seems as if there is another group of people or another belief system that is opposing their progress. And thus it seems as if – if they only fight those people or fight that belief system – then, that will solve all their problems and bring forth some greater state of abundance on this planet.

The people in the Middle East or in other areas of the world, really do believe that if they kill all of the members of the opposing group, paradise will come to earth. Well, there are people in the West who believe, that if only they can make their religion the only established religion, or if they can just eradicate all religion and make scientific materialism the only established belief system, well then they will solve all of humankind’s problems and bring paradise to earth.

What you have in the western societies is that you have many people who are truly very intelligent people, and very well-meaning people. And they truly believe that they are fighting for a good cause by fighting for this or that belief system, even political belief systems or economic philosophies. Yet they do not see, that they have simply been seduced into engaging in the dualistic struggle, and all of their well-meant efforts do nothing to actually free humankind to step up to a higher level. It only keeps humankind engaged in the dualistic struggle.

And thus, their efforts are simply reinforcing and continuing that struggle, serving to keep the people trapped in a state of poverty, that begins as a state of spiritual poverty. Because as long as people do not know who they are – as spiritual beings who are designed to be co-creators with God – well then, how can those people use their co-creative abilities to actively and personally co-create the abundant life on earth?


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