If Christianity has been perverted, how come no one ever noticed?

By Kim Michaels

The opening premise of this book is that the Christian religion has become so perverted that it literally teaches the opposite of what Jesus himself taught and demonstrated. Thus, while Christianity claims to be the only means to attain salvation, it can never take people to salvation. Therefore, Christianity is not honoring Christ but is instead seducing people into conforming to the lies of the seeming opposite of Christ, namely the devil and Satan.

This, of course, is a statement that will shock many Christians, as indeed reality will always be shocking to those who are emotionally attached to an illusion—and who are not willing to give up the convenient illusion in order to align themselves with the inconvenient reality. Yet it will also give rise to a logical/rational question: If Christianity truly has been a form of Satanism for much of its 2,000-year history, how come no one has realized this? In this chapter, we will examine the factors that cause people to be unable or unwilling to acknowledge the obvious.

The suppression of all non-conformists

Throughout Christianity’s long history, many people have indeed realized that there was something amiss in the Christian religion, but they have been either suppressed, burned at the stake or simply ignored. It is an undeniable historical fact that after the formation of the Roman Catholic Church, there was a period – lasting well over a thousand years – during which anyone daring to object to the Church would be forcefully suppressed. It is also undeniable that the Church burned all books that contained ideas contrary to its doctrines. Thus, the early Roman and Catholic leaders had almost unlimited power to do with the Christian religion as they pleased, and as will be discussed later, they did indeed distort the original teachings of Christ for reasons that were clearly political. And although later protestant Christians have attempted to remove some of the artificial elements inserted by Catholic leaders, no one has so far made an all-out effort to put back in what was taken out. Which is why there is currently no major Christian church that is even close to preaching the original message of Christ.

In today’s age, more and more people do indeed know – through an inner knowing – that Christianity cannot fulfill their spiritual needs. Yet they tend to leave Christianity silently, and they either join another religion, give up on all religion or follow a personal path without belonging to any outer system. So the situation around Christianity is much like that described in the fairy tale about the emperor’s new clothes. So far, no one has actually dared to openly declare what many have suspected, namely that Christianity does not serve the cause of Christ but instead serves to make people the blind followers of anti-christ. This book aims to break that stalemate by empowering those with open hearts to speak out in defense of the reality of Christ.

Let us next consider how so many people could have been fooled for so long by the deception that calls itself the religion of Christ? How can human beings come to believe in an illusion and then elevate it to the status of an infallible truth, which they refuse to question? To understand this, it is necessary to take a closer look at how the human mind works.

Rediscovering the key of knowledge

How is it possible, that he original message of Christ could become lost and replaced by a message that teaches a false salvation? One reason is that the original message of Christ cannot be fathomed by the human intellect, the linear, analytical mind. Thus, it was precisely the people who deified the human intellect that became the – often well-meaning – tools for distorting Jesus’ true message and turning it into a thought system that the intellect can fathom. This gives intellectually inclined people a sense that they are in control, and this allowed politically motivated people to use the intellectuals to create a religion that was perfect for suppressing the population—as opposed to Jesus’ aim of liberating people from any earthly oppressor.

To understand this process, it is necessary to recognize the limitations of the human intellect—yet the problem is that this cannot be done with the intellect. The intellect is not capable of “stepping outside itself” and looking at itself from a broader perspective. And that is why most of the people who are dominated by their intellects simply have no idea that their “sophisticated” reasoning is a closed circle.

Thus, the limitations of the intellect can be known only through another faculty of the mind. Jesus himself was clearly aware of this, as can be seen by the alert observer in his interactions with he scribes and Pharisees. They were the intellectuals of his day, and Jesus did not enter into intellectual discussions with them. Instead, he used short, baffling statements to confuse the linear mind, as in “The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath.”

Jesus knew full well that his message would not be acceptable to intellectuals. That is why he chastised the lawyers and accused them of having taken away the “key of knowledge.” He said that the lawyers had not been willing to use this key to enter the kingdom, and thus they had attempted to take it away so that no one else could use it either.

Let it be stated with clarity, that the concept of the “key of knowledge” is the essential key to grasping the true message of Christ. Let it be stated with clarity, that the Christian religion has become dominated by the lawyers and is still dominated by the lawyers. These people have taken the “key of knowledge” out of the Christian religion, and they are seeking to keep it away from the people to this day. The very fact that no mainstream Christian church even talks about the key of knowledge – or has made any effort to restore it to the people – demonstrates clearly that the lawyers are in control. In fairness, most of these modern-day lawyers are simply not able to grasp the significance of the key of knowledge, as it cannot be fathomed by the intellect. So the LIFE question now becomes:

Do you want to know what the key of knowledge is and how you can learn to make better use of it, thereby unlocking the inner message of Christ?

The key of knowledge is somewhat comparable to what modern science calls the “right brain” or the intuitive faculties. However, given that the intellectuals who dominate science have chosen to limit themselves to a materialistic paradigm, science has not even begun to understand the potential of the intuitive faculties available to human beings. Nevertheless, science has indeed developed ideas that can be helpful for understanding the key of knowledge.

Jesus attempted to make it very clear to those who “had eyes to see” and “ears to hear” that he was not preaching a message that came from the material world. Jesus stated that he spoke only what the father had given him to speak, yet very few Christians have truly understood the significance of this. In making such statements, Jesus was attempting to distance himself in a fundamental way from the lawyers, the scribes and the Pharisees, who were only looking at the old scriptures and using their intellects to interpret and reinterpret those scriptures. In contrast, Jesus brought forth a new revelation directly from a higher source. What was Jesus’ aim for thus distancing himself from those who dominated the religious life of his day? It was to liberate the people from being the blind followers of those who were blinded by their own deification of the human intellect, and thus could not see that they had created their own religious interpretation, that had lost the connection to the reality of Spirit.

In contrast, Jesus had made the supreme effort to become the open door, so that the Spirit of Truth could speak directly through him and thus give the people a true message—meaning a message that was not colored by the illusions of anti-christ and thus could empower the people to reconnect themselves with the Spirit. As Jesus said, “God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

Take note that Jesus did not say that you should worship God through the intellect. Then what does it mean to worship God in Spirit and in truth? It means to develop your own intuitive faculties, so that you can have a direct, inner experience of the Spirit of Truth. That is one meaning behind the often ignored statement by Jesus, that those who believe on him shall do the works that he did. You do indeed have the potential to make use of the key of knowledge. If you did not, Jesus would not have spoken about it.

What Jesus was truly saying between the lines was, that he had no desire for people to accept his message out of intellectual reasoning. He desired people to go beyond the intellect and use their intuitive faculties to know – through an inner knowing – the reality and truth of what he preached and demonstrated. Yet this very essential aspect of Christ’s message has been almost completely lost, as the lawyers took over and created the official Christian religion, a religion that – as the Jewish religion that wanted Christ dead – is entirely dominated by intellectual interpretations and doctrines. (We will later examine who the lawyers truly are and why they are so hell-bent on taking away the key of knowledge.)

So how can science help you understand the intuitive faculties? Science has shown that the world is not made from two separate elements or substances. Your senses tell you that the world is made of solid matter and fluid energy. Yet science has proven that matter is not solid; matter is actually fluid energy that has temporarily been captured into a matrix. Matter is not solid; it only appears solid to the human senses.

The significance of this is that science has now proven that the world is not made of different substances but is made from one basic substance that can take on different appearances. This means that there are no impenetrable barriers, because everything is energy and energy is a form of vibration. Thus, the difference between the material realm and the spiritual realm is only a matter of vibration. You are not truly separated from God’s kingdom, as the mind of anti-christ wants you to think. In reality, the sense of being separated is an illusion that exists only in the mind, and it is a product of the fact that you have forgotten how to use your intuitive faculties. Thus you cannot experience vibrations that are beyond what your senses can detect.

Science has shown that the human senses have a limited range. For example, your eyes can only detect what is called visible light, whereas there are many forms of light that your eyes cannot detect. Yet what is the difference between red light and infra-red light? It is only a matter of the vibrational properties of the light waves. A slight shift in these properties can turn infra-red light into red light and thus bring it into the “world” that your eyes can see.

Do you sense the significance? What most people have not realized is that the physical senses have programmed them into accepting a specific world view. According to the senses, there is a fundamental difference between what they can detect and what they cannot detect. And this has given rise to the belief – exploited by most religions, including Christianity and materialism – that you are separated from the heaven world by an impenetrable barrier. Yet science has now proven that there is no such barrier, for everything is made from one substance that takes on different vibrations. Thus, the material world is made from the same substance as the heaven world, namely the substance that God created when he said, “Let there be light!” The material world is simply made from light of a lower vibration than the Spirit world, and because the physical senses cannot detect the higher vibrations of the Spirit world, people have come to believe they are separated from the spiritual realm. In reality the two realms are like two octaves on the tonal scale, and your mind has the ability to move effortlessly from one to the other.

This was fully known to Jesus. He knew that the human mind – made in the image and likeness of the divine mind – has the capability to experience the Spirit world through an intuitive experience. This leads to an inner knowing that the Spirit world is indeed real. Yet this knowing is fundamentally different from the outer knowledge of the human intellect. So what is intuition? Well, your eyes are instruments that are capable of detecting certain types of vibrations, namely those that fall within a certain spectrum of frequencies. Thus, you cannot “see” beyond this spectrum with your physical eyes.

Given that God must have known the capacity of your eyes and intellect, God would have known that they can form a closed circle from which it can be difficult for you to break free. Thus, God has given you another “sense” that can give you a direct perception of the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm. In other words, your intuition is a sense that can detect vibrations beyond what your physical senses can handle. Thus, your intuition – the key of knowledge – is your personal open door between the lower vibrations of the material realm and the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm. Now, let us look at what happens, when people have lost the key of knowledge and thus are confined to the physical senses and the intellect.

Why people reject Christ

What are the limitations of the intellect? Well, the intellect is a relative faculty, meaning that it functions by always comparing a new idea to what is already known. So when a new idea comes to you, your intellect will immediately compare it to its subconscious database. This is not necessarily a problem, and it is not here the intention to say there is anything wrong with the intellect. The physical senses are very useful, even though they have a limited capacity. Yet if you think there is nothing more to the world than what you can see with your eyes, you will obviously be a prisoner of the limited capacity of your senses. And such is the case with the intellect also.

The intellect is a relative faculty. It it not designed to have original thoughts; it is designed to help you sort and categorize information that is coming to you from outside your mind. It functions much the same as a database program on a computer. The database program has a number of predefined categories or file folders that are set apart by different criteria. When input comes to the program, it compares it to the criteria that define the existing categories, and then it puts the input into the file folder where it most closely matches the criteria. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is a perfectly valid and practical faculty of the mind.

However, now consider what happens when the intellect is presented with an idea that absolutely does not fit in any of the categories in your subconscious database. Well, the intellect simply cannot deal with such an idea, and it will reject it in much the same way as a computer: “Not valid input!” And this is how the intellect can become a closed circle. Can you see that the reason a new idea is rejected is not necessarily that the idea is not valid. The reason might be that the idea does not fit into any of the predefined categories of the intellectual database, and thus a person simply cannot grasp the idea.

As an example, consider a person who has accepted the materialistic paradigm that there is nothing beyond the material world. If such a person is presented with evidence that there might be a level of reality beyond what science and the senses can detect, the person’s intellect will not know how to categorize this information. The reason being that such a person does not have a category in the subconscious database that would define such evidence as valid information. Thus, the person’s intellect will automatically respond with “Not valid input!”

Now look at the situation of Jesus walking the dusty roads of ancient Palestine. The scribes, the Pharisees and other leaders of the Jewish religion had created an elaborate system based on their own intellectual interpretations of the Torah. They believed their system was infallible and that it was in complete accord with the truth of God. Yet in reality, it was a man-made system that had shut out the Spirit of Truth. So what happened when Jesus appeared on the stage and preached the living truth of the Spirit? Because Jesus’ teachings did not fit into the categories in their subconscious databases, the Jewish leaders responded with “Not valid input!” And thus, the intellectuals of their day rejected Christ.

Now look at Christianity today and think about the long history of the suppression of ideas that go beyond official doctrines. Think about how most Christians would react to an idea that does not fit into the database defined by the doctrines of their church—including the idea that Christianity could have become a disguised form of Satanism. Do you think it is possible that the human intellect has caused people to turn Christianity into a system that is as closed as the Jewish religion that rejected the living truth of Christ? So what do you think would happen if the leaders of modern Christianity were presented with a living truth that challenged their doctrines, and perhaps even challenged the domination that the lawyers have over Christian churches? Do you think it is likely that such a truth would be accepted, or do you think the reaction would be: “Not valid input?”

This leads to another LIFE question:

Are you willing to consider that your own intellect might have a subconscious database that could pre-program you to reject the living truth of Christ because it does not fit into the existing categories in your database?

Another LIFE question:

Are you willing to look at the categories in your database and consider whether their criteria are out of alignment with the living truth of Christ?

Now take these considerations one step further. Is it even possible for the human intellect to fathom the Spirit of truth? Can the unlimited Sp[irit of truth be categorized and fit into any man-made system? This is what the lawyers would have you believe, yet any man-made system becomes a closed circle. So why does Christ come to earth? Christ comes to set the captives free, but from what? From their closed systems of thought. Christ comes to offer people an opportunity to reconnect to the living Spirit that is beyond any system created through the intellect.

The key of knowledge refers to the intuitive faculty, which can give you non-linear, spherical and timeless impressions that cannot be fit into any intellectual database. The intellect deals with thoughts only, but the knowledge you get through the key of knowledge precedes thought. It is the “big picture” as opposed to the detail-oriented and fragmented picture painted by the intellect. The intellect is good at dealing with “how” questions, whereas only intuition can help you answer the “why” questions.

Again, you will never fully “understand” Christ through the human intellect. In fact, it is the mind of anti-christ that thinks everything can be reduced to the level of thought and thus can be categorized by the intellect. Do you see that if everything can be categorized, then it becomes possible to label something as bad or evil why elevating something else to a superior status—and then there is no room for the non-dual truth of the Spirit. People thus lose the key of knowledge and now only know the duality that is built into the mind of anti-christ. And this explains why people not only reject Christ but feel a compelling need to silence the voice of living truth.

Why people kill Christ

Have you ever seriously considered why the leaders of the Jewish religion felt so threatened by Jesus that they wanted him killed? Or why the leaders of the Roman Empire felt so threatened by early Christians that they attempted to kill them all? Or why the leaders of the Catholic Church felt so threatened by those who questioned their doctrines that they attempted to suppress or kill them during the Inquisition? Which part of the human mind can feel so threatened that it creates the illusion that it is justifiable to override the unconditional command: “Thou shallt not kill?”

It is one thing to reject a new idea because it is “Not valid input.” In that case, your rejection of the idea is simply the end of it. You reject the idea and move on with life. Yet when you look at history, you see numerous examples of how it was not enough for certain people to simply reject an idea and move on. No, they had to label the idea as dangerous – perhaps even as being of the devil – and then they had to aggressively seek to eradicate the idea, in many cases by attempting to kill anyone who promoted the idea.

In order to understand this, it is necessary to introduce an element of the mind that is normally called the human ego. This element will be explained in more detail later, as it is indeed the element of anti-christ in the psyche of virtually every human being on this planet. Thus, you cannot understand how Christianity became perverted – or how to reverse this condition – without a thorough understanding of the ego. Yet for now, the one thing you need to know about the ego is that it has a built-in sense of insecurity, and the life of the ego is a never-ending quest to alleviate this insecurity, this fear of death.

Throughout history, the human ego has come up with many clever and subtle schemes for alleviating its fear of death. One of the most common is that the ego takes a number of ideas and organizes them into a system, which it then elevates to the status of being an absolute truth or an infallible method for salvation.The problem with this approach is that in order to maintain the belief that its system is absolute and infallible, the ego must label all other ideas or thought systems as being less than its own. And this is done by imposing a value judgment based on a relative scale with good at one end and evil at the other. The ego will then label any ideas that contradict it “infallible” thought system as evil or dangerous.

Do you begin to see how this process has led to all of the atrocities that religious people have committed “in the name of God?” What could give you an undeniable proof that Christianity has become the opposite of what Jesus preached? Is it not precisely the undeniable historical fact that the teachings of Christ – to turn the other cheek and to not resist evil – have been turned into a thought system, which feels threatened by conflicting ideas and thus has – at several times in history – found it justifiable to kill people in the name of Christ. What other proof could you need than this undeniable historical fact? So with this in mind, does it not become imperative to understand how even the teachings of Christ could be perverted, so that people could do the opposite of what Christ commanded and still feel their actions were justified by Christ—or rather by their interpretations of the teachings of Christ? And is the fact that no major Christian church is asking this question not another proof of just how far Christianity has become removed from the living truth of Christ?

The brutal fact is that the field of religion offers the human ego a unique opportunity for creating an infallible thought system. The ego can take its self-made system and claim that it is not its own system but that it is endowed with the ultimate authority as coming directly from God. The ego can then claim that any idea which contradicts or goes beyond its infallible system must be of the devil. Thus, such ideas are dangerous and might even cause souls to be lost or cause the entire world to become taken over by the devil and thus destroyed by God. In other words, it now becomes of the utmost importance to eradicate the dangerous ideas, even if it means killing the people who believe in them. The ego might even come up with the idea that it is better for people to be killed than to continue to believe in the dangerous ideas and thus be condemned to an eternity in hell. The ego might even make people believe that they will be rewarded by God or Christ for violating God’s own command not to kill. And last, but not least, the ego might indeed make people feel that killing Christ is perfectly justified, for the ego will use its infallible system to “prove” that the person challenging its system could not possibly be sent by God.

How does the ego accomplish this stunning perversion of the true teachings of Christ? The origin of the ego will be fully explained later, but for now you need to understand that the ego was born in this world and can never go beyond this world. Thus, the ego cannot make use of the key of knowledge, meaning that it can never fathom the true message and teachings of Christ. So what must the ego do? It must relate to the teachings of Christ as ideas, which means that instead of directly experiencing the truth, the ego must rely on an interpretation of the words of Christ.

A careful observation of Jesus’ interactions with the scribes and Pharisees will reveal the dynamic. The lawyers had refused to use the key of knowledge, and thus they had to rely on interpretations of the existing scriptures. They had created an “infallible” system, and when Jesus challenged it through the living Spirit, they rejected him and even labeled him as being dangerous or of the devil. Thus, it became justifiable for them to have Christ killed. Do you understand what happened here? These people had become so blinded by their egos that they killed the living Christ when he appeared to them in the flesh! Does this not demonstrate the danger of the ego and the imperativeness of freeing yourself from its spiritual blindness? How can one claim to be a true disciple of Christ while ignoring the human ego and its influence on one’s personal life and on the world?

How exactly does the ego work? The ego cannot make use of the intuitive faculties, so it must rely on the physical senses and the intellect. You now need to understand that the intellect is not in any way evil and it has no evil intent. The intellect is as neutral as a computer. A computer might target a nuclear missile at a major city and kill millions of people, but the computer does not understand what it is doing and cannot see it as wrong. Likewise, the intellect simply organizes input into categories based on criteria that it has not defined and thus cannot change.

So what the ego does is that it takes your subconscious database and it organizes it into two main categories. To the intellect, all input would simply be neutral, but the ego creates one category that is true and good input and another category for input that is false, bad, evil and dangerous. In other words, instead of seeing all input as neutral, the ego imposes the “coloring” of a value judgment upon it. Thus, all input must be evaluated based on whether it is good or bad.

Do you see why the ego is doing this? The ego is attempting to alleviate its fear of death by creating a system that cannot be challenged. Yet in doing this, the ego inevitably creates a closed system, and such a system will predispose you to reject the living truth of Christ. Why is this so? Because the ego’s system is based on interpretations that come from this world, and the truth of Christ comes from beyond this world.

Take note of what the ego is doing. It is creating a subconscious database that is based on one infallible system. In other words, it takes a man-made system and elevates it to having the ultimate authority by claiming it is not a man-made system but comes directly from God. In reality, what the ego is doing is that it claims to have the authority of Christ—it claims to be the representative of God in this world. If you believe this claim, the ego will now have usurped the position that Christ is meant to have in your life, namely as the source of truth. And the inevitable effect is that you will be afraid to question the basic claim made by the ego. Thus, you will never be able to question the basic paradigm used by the ego to define its system, meaning you will be trapped in the closed system. Even if the living Christ appeared to you in a tangible manifestation, you would reject him and cling to the authoritative system created by your ego. And this explains why people could fail to recognize Christ and instead feel fully justified in killing him.

Let us look at some examples. It is easy for most Christians to see that atheists have accepted a materialistic paradigm as the basis for their personal databases. The ego takes one idea and elevates it to the status of infallibility, and once people have accepted this, they will never question the basic paradigm. Atheists have accepted as infallible the idea that there is no God, and they are not willing to question this belief. Thus, their intellects will reject all contrary ideas as “Not valid input” or even as dangerous knowledge.  Most atheists will not even seriously consider evidence for the existence of God.

Yet given that Jesus told his followers to stop looking at the splinter in the eye of a brother and instead look at the beam in their own eye, would it not be reasonable to apply the same evaluation to Christianity? And when one does, is it not obvious that most Christians have likewise allowed their egos to set up a particular paradigm as infallible and thus beyond questioning? This is the only reasonable explanation for the fact that Christianity has been such an aggressive and violent religion. Only people who feel threatened can feel the need to kill, and only the ego can make you feel threatened. The living Christ is not threatened by anything in this world, as demonstrated by the fact that Jesus allowed the forces of this world to crucify him. This leads to the next LIFE question:

Are you willing to acknowledge that the undeniable atrocities committed by the Christian religion are a clear proof that the Christian religion has been influenced by the human ego?

And if you are willing to acknowledge this, there is another question:

Are you willing to acknowledge that the human ego has perverted the Christian religion to such an extent that is has lost touch with the reality of Christ, meaning it is imperative to bring Christianity back into oneness with Christ?

Why people reject new ideas

The opening question for this chapter was why no one had noticed that Christianity had become the opposite of what Jesus wanted, and you can now see why. The ego takes a particular paradigm and then it uses that paradigm to define two categories in your subconscious database. Ideas that affirm or agree with the paradigm are labeled as true or good, whereas ideas that contradict or go beyond the paradigm are labeled as false or evil. The effect is that your intellect will now categorize any input based on this system, meaning that before an idea even reaches your conscious mind, it will already have been labeled as good or evil. If you are not aware of how this process works, your conscious mind becomes a slave of your subconscious mind, because you are not actually thinking about new ideas presented to you. You simply allow your subconscious mind to reject ideas without actually thinking about them. And this explains why it is possible for so many Christians to not discover how far their religion has been removed from the reality of Christ.

Their minds have become closed systems, because they are never actually thinking about their religion. They have allowed their church to define the categories for what is true and false ideas, so any idea that comes from the mind of Christ will be filtered out before it even reaches their conscious minds. Do you see the implications? It is not the intent of this book to say that most Christians are bad people or that they are knowingly serving anti-christ. However, it is indeed the intent of this book to say that most Christians have been lulled asleep and are unaware of how their religion has been turned into a tool for anti-christ. Thus, most Christians are the blind followers of the blind leaders that Christ warned against.

There is an even deeper layer. As has been explained, the truth of Christ does not come from the material world. Thus, it is inevitable that for you to accept the truth of Christ, you must go beyond the “thinking” process established by your ego and intellect. You can know the truth of Christ ONLY through the key of knowledge, meaning your intuitive faculties. Yet the most subtle and unrecognized effect of the ego is that it causes you to reject “dangerous” ideas without referring them to your intuitive faculties.

For example, the ego causes most Christians to focus on the outer word. It has defined a man-made interpretation and has elevated it to the ultimate status as the “word of God.” It now wants you to accept that any idea whose wording contradicts or goes beyond the worded doctrines of your church must be of the devil and thus you should not even consider it. Yet consider how the early followers of Jesus recognized him as the Christ?

The early followers of Jesus could not have recognized him through the ego and the intellect. Jesus’ words were clearly beyond the intellectual doctrines of the Jewish leaders. Thus, anyone trapped by the man-made system of the Jewish religion would have rejected Christ. How then can you recognize the living truth of Christ? Only by consciously going beyond your ego and intellect and activating your intuitive faculties. By using these faculties, you can read a statement, and even though it’s wording contradicts the outer system in which you have grown up, you can feel – through an inner knowing that is beyond words – that there is truth behind the outer words. Consider the situation after Jesus’ resurrection, where he appears to two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus. The disciples do not recognize him but later realize it was Jesus because they realize that their hearts were burning within them. Thus, if you will know the living truth of Christ – in this book and elsewhere – you must take your attention out of your head and move it into your heart. Your heart will not fail you, for when you do encounter the living truth of Christ, it will indeed burn within you.

The deeper reality behind the key of knowledge is that Christ is anchored deep within your being—without him was not any thing made which was made. Thus, the reality of Christ is behind all appearances in this world, even behind your own outer mind of the ego and intellect. Thus, you do have the ability to tune in to the higher vibrations of the living truth of Christ. And when you do, you gain a frame of reference for evaluating any statement or idea you encounter. By using your intuitive faculties, you can compare the vibration of any statement or condition to the vibration of Christ truth within you. And thus, you will know whether something resonates with Christ truth or is in dissonance with Christ truth.

If you had not already learned to use your intuition, you would not have been attracted to this book and you would not have been able to read this far. Thus, you simply need to become more conscious of the key of knowledge, until it will tell you the difference between Christ and anti-christ in everything you encounter.

So once again, another piece in the puzzle of why no once has cried out that the blind leaders of Christianity have nothing on is that most Christians have allowed the lawyers to scare them into neutralizing their intuitive faculties. The lawyers of both religion and science deny that you have the key of knowledge, and they claim you cannot know truth within yourself. They say that you must blindly believe and follow what they tell you because they have special authority to define truth. Take note of how they seek to scare you into thinking that if you even consider ideas beyond their infallible systems, the worst possible fate will befall you. And this in itself tells you they are out of alignment with Christ, for Christ does not need to scare you into following an outer authority. Instead, Christ seeks to help you find truth in the only place it can be found, namely in the kingdom that Jesus said is within you. The real “institution” with ultimate authority is your intuition, but it does not define truth, it connects to it and eventually becomes one with it.

So history has repeated itself. As at the time of Jesus, the lawyers have managed to take away the key of knowledge. They would not enter into the living truth of Christ, and those that would enter, they hindered. Woe unto ye, lawyers!

Thus, another life question:

Will you continue to be a blind follower of the lawyers and allow them to scare or deceive you into rejecting the key of knowledge, or will you accept what Christ is offering to all who are willing to look for the kingdom within themselves?

The missing link in your understanding of history

Now for the last piece (for now) of the puzzle as to why no one has challenged the claims made by official Christianity. Let us begin with what for most Christians will be an undeniable historical fact: About 2,000 years ago, the Living Christ did walk this earth in a physical body. Now for another undeniable fact: The Living Christ – or at least his physical body – was killed. And now for the inescapable question: What kind of people would kill the Living Christ and what was their motive? And then another question: Do you think this kind of people disappeared from the earth 2,000 years ago, or do you think they are still around?

You may have heard the old axiom: “The winners write history,” but have you considered its deeper meaning? If you take a closer look at history, what kind of people have won most of the conflicts known to man? Is it not precisely the people who were willing to do anything to win, the people who believed that might is right and thus the ends can justify the means? So does it not stand to reason that when such people did win a conflict, they would write history in such a way that their own actions and motives seemed, if not benign, then at least justifiable?

So now transfer this to the undeniable history of the Christian religion. It is a very pretty dream that Christianity has always been a benign force and that it has always been led by people who had only benign motives. Yet for anyone willing to take a look at historical facts, it becomes undeniable that Christianity – as any other system that attained power – has attracted many of the kind of people who believed that might is right and that the ends can justify the means.

For the first few centuries of the history of Christianity, there was no centralized church. Yet the most dramatic shift in Christianity’s history happened when the Roman emperor Constantine was supposedly converted and then made Christianity into the official state religion of the Roman Empire. Despite the fact that this brought about a momentous change in Christianity, most Christians have only a very sketchy understanding of what kind of person Constantine was. For those who do take a closer look, it quickly becomes obvious that he was a typical Roman emperor, meaning he was a power person, a political animal who would do almost anything to cement or expand his power. Thus, he had no compunctions about taking the Christian religion and turning it into a centralized system that could control the thinking of the people under Rome’s influence.

It is not difficult to see – for those willing to take an objective look – that this initiated a period in the history of Christianity in which the Roman Ctholic Church attracted many of the kind of people who were willing to use religion in order to exercise power over the people. What else can explain that a series of popes attempted to make the Catholic Church into the ultimate authority in European society, making the kind and emperors subject tot he authority of the pope? What else can explain the attempts to burn all books that contained ideas contrary to or beyond official doctrine? What else can explain the Inquisition and its attempts to torture into submission or burn at the stake anyone who dared to use the key of knowledge to reach beyond doctrine? There were centuries where the Roman Catholic Church was a brutal and power hungry as the Roman Empire at the height of its power. Yet instead of emperors who were clearly exercising raw power, you now see a string of popes who claimed that they were representatives of Christ and thus their exercise of power was sanctioned by the highest authority.

Do you see what happened in this process? When Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, it attracted leaders who were willing to take the teachings of Christ and turn them into an infallible system, a system that claimed to have the highest authority and thus would foster blind obedience among the people who submitted to the system. Once people had accepted that the Pope really represented Christ, they would no longer question the Pope’s actions—even if they clearly contradicted the commandments of Christ. And thus, the people would literally believe that if they revolted against their leaders, they would be revolting against Christ and thus sure to go to hell.

Yet can you perhaps begin to see that these medieval leaders could not possibly be true representatives of Christ. Thus, who were they? They belonged to a class of people who have usually been the winners, and thus they have been able to write history in such a way that they have never been seen for what they truly are. These are people who want power and who will do anything to get and maintain it. What better proof could one need than the fact that these leaders managed to turn the non-violent teachings of Christ into an “infallible” system that justified some of the most brutal suppression of dissent the world has ever seen? Is it not obvious that the medieval Catholic Church would have dealt with the living Christ in an even more brutal way that the way the power people of ancient Israel dealt with Jesus?

Thus, does it not begin to become clear that throughout history, there has always been a small number of people who have attempted to set themselves up as an elite that exercised power over the people and used this power to grant themselves special privileges? These people did not see themselves as being the same as the general population. They truly believed they belonged to a special class of people who deserved to rule and who deserved to have privileges beyond the people, including being above the laws of both God and man—a feat they accomplished by defining both.

The influence that this power elite has had on Christianity has been immense. How the power elite perverted the teachings of Christ will be discussed more deeply in the following chapters, but for now the point is simply that the power elite does exist and that it is indeed the missing link in your understanding of history. It is impossible to make sense out of many historical events if you are blind to the existence of an elite who believe they are in a special class above the general population. It was precisely this power elite that wanted Jesus killed, and why were they so hell-bent on this? Because Jesus was the ultimate threat to their power over the people. Jesus gave a teaching that made it clear that they could attain salvation through their own power and choices without needing the outer Jewish religion and its leaders. The entire goal of Jesus was to liberate the people from the power elite, the people Jesus called the blind leaders or the sons of the devil.

Thus, the power elite did indeed kill Jesus, and in the next three centuries, the power elite in both Israel and Rome attempted to stamp out this dangerous new religion. Yet Christianity survived, until a member of the power elite realized that “if you can’t beat ‘em; join ‘em,” and thus Constantine used the Christian religion to unite his empire and control the people. Of course, the original, true teachings of Jesus could not have supported this goal, so these teachings had to be perverted until they could support the agenda of the power elite. How this magic trick was accomplished will be revealed in coming chapters, but for now the important point is simply that it is precisely the power elite that has made it very difficult for people to see that Christianity was not a true representation of Christ. The power elite perverted Jesus’ teachings and then used their power to rewrite history, so their actions and motives were either hidden or camouflaged as benign or necessary. And because the errors inserted by the power elite – and the lawyers who served as their willing instruments – have never been corrected, most Christians are still unaware of just how far official Christian doctrines are from the original teachings of Christ. Which is why they cannot see that Christianity does not serve the mission of Christ, but only serves as another tool for keeping the population as the slaves of the forces of anti-christ. Truly, the saga of how even the teachings of Christ became a tool for anti-christ is possibly the greatest deception ever perpetrated upon humankind.



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