How to overcome doubt

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, August 27, 2012, through Kim Michaels

Christ light is the cure of this I am sure but are you equally sure? Most human beings are not for the simple reason that the aim of the fallen beings who rebelled against God and embodied the serpentine consciousness has been to divide you in yourself with the poison of doubt. You doubt that Christ light truly is the cure that can cure all ailments on earth.

The Christ light is everywhere and in everyone. Without him was not anything made that was made. The Christ light has the potential to rise up and throw off the shackles of the fallen consciousness. Yet for this to happen in you, you must be sure, as Jesus demonstrated that he was sure when he healed the sick, rose up the dead, cast out the evil spirits, walked on the water, transformed the water into wine and performed these other feats that demonstrated that the Christ light has mastery over matter because matter is made out of the Christ light. That which is made out of the Christ light can accelerate beyond any lower manifestation and manifest the matrix that comes through the sacred geometry of the Christ mind.

The Christ light in you can throw off the shackles of the human consciousness, and the fallen consciousness, and the ego consciousness and any other consciousness that exists on earth. But it can only do so if you are sure, and this of course is the existential problem, as they say. For how can you be sure that the Christ light is the cure when you look at everything through a filter that is coloured by the consciousness of anti-christ – the consciousness of division and separation.

Ahh so many people have looked at the Christ through that filter and come up with an image of Christ that has nothing to do with the reality of Christ, as witnessed very clearly by the development of the Christian religion and its willingness to even kill in the name of Christ. It would kill and torture its own members in the name of Christ which had only the effect, as Jesus said, of splitting the soul.

Do you realize that the very Church that claimed to represent Jesus on earth was guilty of countless murders and tortures that split the soul? And they thought they did it in the name of Christ. How can you be sure that Christ light is the cure when you do not see the Christ light as pure but only see a mirage? You see that there is something moving behind the curtain as in those theatres where you have a white sheet and the light behind it and you see the shadows of puppets moving behind it. You see through a glass darkly. How can you ever be sure?

Experiencing the Christ light

You see my beloved, there is a common misunderstanding among many spiritual students that we of the ascended masters are seeking to bring forth some ultimate teaching, but no teaching formulated in words can make you sure. For any teaching in words can be counteracted by a false teaching formulated in words. Thus, the serpentine mind can sow doubt about any teaching, as witnessed by the illustration of even the serpent where he just needed to insert one word ‘thou shalt not surely die’ and then there was doubt.

She was not sure, because she did not believe she would ‘surely’ die. So what is the key? How can you be sure? Only when you experience the Christ light. And at first you cannot experience it in yourself so you must experience it in someone else, someone who has embodied it and become the open door for it.

That is why Jesus took embodiment, that is why we have in various ways attempted to give people that experience of the Christ light. Which you can experience also through our dictations, but not exclusively through our dictations for it manifests in many ways and they are not all openly spiritual or given by spiritual gurus or teachings. You may even encounter people in seemingly ordinary situations in life who can be at least temporarily the open door for an expression of the Christ light.

Then your job is to take in that Christ light, to accept it into your being and to keep using it as a frame of reference when you encounter the fallen consciousness so that you are pulled back into oneness, seeking oneness with the light. Then you can gradually build the momentum that brings you to that point where now you are sure. You do not even need to declare that you are sure for you know within that you are sure and that you stand upon the rock of Christ. You cannot be moved by the rains and the winds of the fallen consciousness or by the subtle temptations of the serpent.

You continue to move forward according to your vision for you have, as Mother Mary said, regained and reclaimed your innocence, your inner sense of what is Christ reality that does not depend on anything outer, including an outer teaching, or religion, or science, or political party philosophy. Nothing in this world will make you sure. Look at those who have attempted to elevate some religion to this ultimate status and see where it has gotten them.

When the mind is like a merry-go-round

Let me explain to you the effect of what has been talked about by other masters of the fallen consciousness in your being. Words can be used to argue for or against any point. When you focus on words instead of the Word, you will be divided. The faculty of your mind that deals with words is the analytical, intellectual, linear mind. It uses words to make distinctions between various forms in the world of form. This is perfectly legitimate, but the serpentine mind takes advantage of this useful ability and turns it into a trap.

How can you know whether you are affected by the fallen consciousness? By observing yourself and seeing how often you are trapped in these situations where your mind keeps going around and around, arguing for or against this. I shouldn’t have done that, I should have said that instead of what I said, this person did something wrong, this person said that, this teaching is not right.

You are seeking to use words to argue for or against any point. This is the effect that the serpentine mind has. It causes you to doubt, and you frantically seek with the mind to come up with some ultimate argument that no one can defeat, that no one can reject, that no one can cast doubt upon. My beloved, those of us who have been in embodiment in a sphere as dense as planet earth know that it seems very alluring, very tempting, that if you have some superior teaching, if you have the Christ light, if you have a connection to the ascended masters you should be able to come up with some ultimate argument. But it cannot be done with words.

There is no ultimate argument. There is no ultimate teaching. Christ light is the cure. When you are in the Christ light, experiencing the Christ light, when the Christ light is your frame of reference you are sure that this is reality. You are also sure that no matter what argument anyone might come up with for or against a certain point, it is not ultimate reality for nothing expressed in words can be ultimate reality.

If you seek to find surety through words, you will never be sure. Only the light will make you sure. Only through oneness, through experiencing the light, will you know for sure what is true, what is real, what is light and what is not light.

There are no problems you have to solve

Be willing to observe yourself and see when the mind starts these loops and when the mind goes into this mode of presenting you with a problem and projecting that you have to solve it. There is no problem on earth that can be solved through the analytical mind. This is one of the lies projected by the fallen beings, heavily reinforced by modern science but existing long before science entered the scenario on earth.

Words cannot resolve any problems or conflicts or disagreements, only the light can bring resolution, only light can bring the solution to end the confusion. What can you do then when you observe that your mind is going round and round in these endless loops? Well, certainly you can realize that you have energy of a lower vibration accumulated in your four lower bodies and you can use the decrees and tools we have given to begin to dissolve it so that you lessen the pull on the mind.

Beyond that, you can appeal to us, the ascended masters – Jesus, Mother Mary, Gabriel, Raphael, Maitreya, Gautama – any Master that appeals to you, any Master that is close to your heart. Appeal to us to help you transcend the loops of the mind, the frantic analytical mind. Appeal to us to help you to step outside of the mind loop, the closed trap of the mind, the serpent swallowing its own tail that you may experience the Christ light that is the cure. Then be willing to open yourself, be willing to look beyond all these statements with words that you think are some ultimate truth, or some ultimate teaching.

Be willing to look at yourself and catch yourself when you find yourself arguing about some element of a spiritual teaching. Perhaps you are even using an ascended master teaching to argue with someone else about some point that has no ultimate significance for your own ascension but only keeps you from your ascension because it keeps you trapped in the endless loop of the mind. Be willing to catch yourself and then make the decision: “Ahh! there is the mind doing its thing again, but I am not the mind I am more than the mind and thus I will reach up to my spiritual teacher and say:”

Show me the way,

show me the way out of the fray

of this endless mind

that can never be kind,

so the truth I may find

and no longer be blind,

blinded by the mind,

that can never be refined

to become the Christ light that I AM.

The mind cannot ascend

The mind will never be raised up so it can enter heaven. The mind thinks that if it can find some ultimate teaching, some ultimate solution, then it will be acceptable in the eyes of God. But you will not enter the wedding feast unless you put on the wedding garment, and you will not put on the wedding garment through the mind no matter how sophisticated you might become. The scribes and Pharisees thought that their sophistication of knowing the scriptures had qualified them to enter the kingdom, and what did Jesus say: “Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father will ye do for he was a murderer from the beginning, seeking to murder innocence, the inner sense of oneness with Christ, that can never be attained through the mind.”

The mind can only deal with divisions, therefore it must raise up some argument over another and you cannot enter oneness with Christ by seeking to put down another form of life and raising yourself up in comparison to them. In Christ all are one for there is no value of lesser or more.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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