How to lock in to the ascension spiral

Ascended Master Serapis Bey, December 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Take note that you can be on the spiritual path for many lifetimes, gradually rising, without actually truly locking in to the ascension spiral. As we said in Lourdes,* the first three rays out of the seven are sort of the neophyte stages, where you can gradually rise even though you have many impurities, that you have not been willing to look at. But when you come to the fourth ray, when you come to the ascension spiral, then you need to begin to be more conscious of the need to accelerate yourself.

And as I said, whatever stage of consciousness you are at right now, it was your power that created it. And thus, you have the power to accelerate yourself beyond it. And when you are beyond it, then you will gain the power to accelerate yourself beyond that level of consciousness and therefore take the next step. And as I said, the ascension spiral is not completed by taking the last step: it is completed only by taking every step. And for every step, you are required to use the consciousness you have at that step to accelerate yourself beyond that step. It is that simple.

It is not, as so many ascended master students believe and envision, that you need some magical power from beyond yourself. The ascension spiral is not a spiral, where you receive some magical light from above that propels you higher. You enter the ascension spiral when you realize the truth in the statement that: “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Whereby you realize, that you do not need light from outside yourself, for you have that light inside yourself, because the core of your being is the conscious self, that is an extension of God’s Being—and therefore is the open door between the spiritual realm and the material world in which you currently have focused your sense of self.

You are not a material being. You are a spiritual being who is temporarily focusing your sense of self inside the role of a material being. But you are more than this. And when you realize that you are more – and therefore, the power that you need to rise is within you – then you begin the ascension spiral. Then I, Serapis Bey, can begin to truly help you ascend and rise higher in that ascension spiral, until you build such a momentum where you know, that nothing can take you out of that spiral. For the power is within you, the Kingdom is within you.

The choice is the judgment

That is when you come to that momentum, where you can go out into the world and instead of judging, you are the judgment, in the sense that you are the Word. And thus, you give people the choice. And the choice is what is the judgment.

Do you understand, that you can call for someone’s judgment forever and a day, but until they actually see, that they have a choice between reality and unreality, the judgment is not full. And how do you help other people see that they have a choice? Do you do that by putting them down, by condemning them, by judging them as being unworthy? Or do you help them by accepting, that they are self-aware beings? And therefore, your role is to not judge, analyze, or evaluate at all, but to simply be who you are, to shine your light, and to express to others whatever comes to you from within, spontaneously, without analyzing with the linear mind how to counteract their arguments with words.

No, you allow yourself to be the Word and let it flow without being premeditated, for you are being the open door for the creative flow of the Word of God, without thinking that you can know with your outer mind which argument would convince another or what is wrong in another. Do you see? You will never actually help another person by proving their arguments wrong. Partly because you can never prove anything wrong in the duality consciousness, so they can always come up with a counter-argument. But partly because you cannot overcome the duality consciousness with the duality consciousness. So you will only help another by showing them an alternative, by showing them that they will not silence your Word no matter what words they speak against you. And even if they nail you to a cross and kill your physical body, they will not have power over you, your sense of identity, your Spirit. This is what Jesus demonstrated.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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