How to help Jesus awaken others

Ascended Master Jesus, July 5, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

While you are still somewhat trapped in your ego, it is valid to take the approach that unless people ask, you do not say anything. Let them ask, and then give them what they ask for. Yet there comes a point, where you have reached a certain degree of bonding with your Christ self. And now you have the freedom from the ego that you will not seek to impose your ego-beliefs upon others, but you are working truly – you live – to set men free. And you are constantly moving on with your God.

And at that point you no longer need to be concerned about letting people ask before telling them about the path, because now you realize that there are many people on earth who are so asleep, who are so caught in ignorance, that they simply do not know what to ask. They do not know how to ask, and they dare not even ask. And so how can these people be free? They will not be free if you sit around waiting for them to ask and they don’t know what to ask.

So you have to be the one who takes the initiative, as I did so many times in my life. I went to the people. I was willing to get in their face and provoke them and say, “You are asleep! You need to wake up!” I was willing to overturn the tables of the moneychangers who had managed to get into the temples, which is truly the inner temple of the heart and mind, and sell their wares of the serpentine lies in the temple of God.

And when you reach a certain degree of Christhood, you are ready to take that approach. Not necessarily in an unloving way, but there will come a point where you know from within what is the right approach for each person. And until you have that clear direction, my suggestion is this. Approach people this way. Say, “You know there is a better way, right? You know you don’t have to go through this? You know you don’t have to suffer with this problem. You can actually solve it. You can let go of it. Do you want to know how?”

Or you can say, “You know I have had the same problem and this is how I overcame it. Would you like me to help you?” And then, if they respond negatively, you might try again, up until three times. But if they reject you three times, then withdraw and say, “I have done my duty to that soul, and it is now up to the soul to rise and be willing to ask for help.”

Ask and ye shall receive. So there is validity in asking. But as I said, if you do not know what to ask, how can the soul even come up with the right question. So help people by giving them questions. Help people by helping them realize that there is more to know, there is more they can ask about life. And if you ask me, then I, through your Christ self, will help you help others. Therefore, apply to me within.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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