How to have discernment

Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 27, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

You need to have discernment, my beloved, so that you know what is the Holy Spirit and a false spirit. And of course, many things can be used to gradually build your discernment, including considering whether a spirit seeks to make you feel superior to others. For then you know, that it cannot be the one Holy Spirit, but only a dualistic spirit. You also need to make a critical assessment of yourself, to look in the mirror, to look for the beam in your own eye. What makes you susceptible to the lower spirits is your attachment to one of your ego’s desires, which then makes you vulnerable to hearing what you and your ego want to hear in order to fulfill that desire.

And thus, many of you have certain false concepts about the spiritual path, about your role on earth, such as I expounded upon earlier, about you thinking it is okay to force people into the one true religion for their own good. If you have such desires, or even a desire to be seen as a savior of the people, perhaps even THE savior of the people, well then you cannot hear the Holy Spirit. For what will the Holy Spirit tell you? It will tell you how to overcome duality and enter into oneness. For the Holy Spirit is an extension of those who have walked that Path of Oneness, and thus it will expose all illusions in your being. Not all at once, but as you can handle it, and as you are willing.

Iif you have those self-centered desires of wanting to raise up yourself or do some ultimate service for God – thinking that God will reward you and make you an important person, either on earth or in heaven – well, then you will not hear the Holy Spirit when it whispers to you as the still small voice within. You will hear the loud voice of a spirit who will tell you, that this is how you can achieve your desire, this is how you can fulfill God’s cause—by doing this or that outer thing, achieving some kind of glory or recognition from the world.

Be not deceived by your own desires

You are deceived by your desires, your attachments, that center around raising up the separate self, rather than letting the separate self die, seeking only to raise the All. But you see, the All is also in you, so there is a certain validity to raising up God in yourself—for how can you help raise up God in all life if you have not first done it in yourself? But you see, that when you raise up the All in yourself, it is fundamentally different than seeking to raise up the separate self. I must tell you, that the key to attaining this discernment is to strive for balance in all things. And this is where some of you could make great progress on your path, by striving for balance, by being willing to acknowledge where you have been out of balance, where you have attained unbalanced desires of seeking to raise up the separate self, for some grand scheme or another.

Perhaps you even think, that you are destined to be a messenger or a representative of the ascended masters. And thus, you listen to the false spirits, who tell you that there is a shortcut to attaining this status, where you do not need to expose the beam in your own eye, even though all other representatives of the ascended masters have had to do so. No, you are special, so you do not need to follow that path of discipline that Jesus demonstrated. For perhaps, maybe you are even more important than Jesus, you are higher than Jesus, you are more spiritually evolved. Or whatever the ego and the false teachers will whisper in your ear, my beloved.

And if you have an unbalanced desire, you might begin to believe this and entertain grand visions of what should happen, what SHOULD happen. So the question is, when do you then come to the point of giving up this idea of what should happen, so that you are willing to step into the River of Life and flow with that river. Which will raise you up but only to the extent that you are working to raise up the All, the All in yourself, the All in all others.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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