How the female polarity can stop war

Ascended Master Mother Mary, November 1, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

For if Europe is to be united in peace, then people must transcend the self-images based on division and separation that caused them to follow the blind leaders into the collective blindness that is war. There is no greater example of blindness, spiritual blindness, than when nations go to war.

Generals on a battlefield talk about the “fog of war.” For once the battle has started, it is impossible to know what is going to happen or understand everything that is happening. But even on a greater scale, beyond the individual battles, as soon as two nations or many nations go to war, there is a cloud that hangs over them and blinds them. And many times it is only after things have gotten much worse than they ever thought they would get, that they wake up from that blindness and see, and ask the question, “Why are we doing this? Why are we continuing to kill and allow our own people to be killed? When must we stop, when CAN we stop?”

That is where the female energy is the only thing that can stop the male energy from running amok. For once the male energy has gone down the path of war, it cannot stop itself. It must be the female, because the female, my beloved, is what is in touch with what is happening in the earth, what is in touch with the consequences of war. And therefore, it is the female that knows the suffering and the pain inflicted upon the children and all who participate in a war. I do not mean just the physical children, but all are, in a sense, children, and they are suffering, both the soldiers on the battlefield and the civilians in their homes, waiting for the next bomb to drop.

The female is the only thing that can stop war, the female energy, the female perspective. And therefore, it is also the female that can prevent war—that can prevent the masculine from being unbalanced, so that it keeps building tension, until violence seems like the only way out to the masculine, because they do not see beyond their own cloud of energy. But the female can see beyond. The female can see that there is always a way out without violence. There is always an alternative to violence. There is always an alternative to war. And indeed, the female can see what the male cannot see. For the male believes that once you have started on the path to war, you must continue in order to maintain your honor.

Ah, my beloved, how many people on this continent of Europe have been killed because of this idolatrous image of honor? How many people around the world have been killed based on this idolatrous image that we must save face. We must maintain the illusion that we are somehow superior, even if it means killing those who threaten that illusion—or being killed ourselves. This is something that seems perfectly logical to those who are unbalanced in the male energy. Sometimes it even seems logical to women who have become unbalanced in the feminine energy. But for most women it seems illogical and even often ridiculous, when men posture and challenge each other, whether it be in ordinary arguments over the dinner table or between nations that eventually lead to war.

Peace starts in the home

But do you not see, that all behavior of a nation is mirrored in the individual citizens? And therefore, what you do at the dinner table will have an influence on the entire nation. How the people of that nation interact will determine the collective psyche, and thereby determine how that nation interacts with other nations. And when you have a nation who has low self-esteem – and therefore swings into the other extreme in being overtaken by a false teacher who preaches a gospel of superiority – well, then it is inevitable that that nation will be deceived into performing acts of aggression against those nations who seem to threaten its sense – its fragile sense – of superiority.

For can there ever be a sense of superiority, that is not fragile? Of course, this is not possible. For indeed, any sense of superiority will be based on the sands of the duality consciousness. As Jesus has explained over and over again, in duality there will always be two opposite polarities. So the more you go into the extreme of one polarity, the more you will attract to you the opposite polarity, which will threaten your illusion.

And this is indeed the safety mechanism built into the Law of Free Will, that allows people to go into that state of separation. And in the state of separation, which is separated from oneness, there must be a division. For you cannot leave oneness without dividing into at least two. And so, there you have the two opposite polarities, and the more you go towards the extreme of the one, the more your illusion will be threatened by the opposite extreme, so as to finally wake people up and say: “This is too much. We have gone too far. We must come to the center. We must find balance. We must find peace, for we can no longer stand this tension created by the dualistic conflict.”

But it is only, my beloved, when they start recognizing that the dualistic conflict starts within themselves, that they will make true progress towards peace. For certainly there cannot be peace, if you always think it is those other people who have to start creating that peace.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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