How planets are pulled up by the universe

Ascended Master Portia, May 30, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

Yet, it is also divine justice that no planetary unit is an island. And therefore, the inhabitants of a planetary unit cannot do whatever they want without being connected to the whole of the material universe. And so, if the entire universe is in an accelerated Ascension Spiral, then the inhabitants of a planet like earth, will be connected to that spiral. And thus, in order to resist the Ascension Spiral, they must exert greater and greater force. And this again intensifies the struggle.

Now, you may say – if you look at this from inside the struggle – that this is then forced upon you by this external God, who is forcing you to be connected to the Ascension Spiral. But things are not quite that simple. For the reality is this if a planetary unit was an isolated unit, and if the inhabitants of that unit really could take their planet into a downward spiral without being connected to a greater whole, well, then that downward spiral would very quickly accelerate to the point, where the planetary unit would be destroyed. And the beings who were then responsible for that spiral, would have no other way to go than through the dissolution of their individuality in what has been called the second death.

And thus, if the earth was not connected to the whole, then the earth would long ago have self-destructed, and the beings who brought in into that spiral would have destructed with it. And thus, they would no longer have free will – the opportunity to choose.

And so, you see indeed, there is no self-aware being that can exist independently, for it is an expression of the Creator’s own Being. And of course, the Creator prefers that all expressions of its Being go through the Ascension Spiral. The Creator has given you an incredibly long time span, and has given you free will to decide which road you want to travel on the way to the ascension point. But there is an underlying law that states, that you must go either up or down, that you cannot stand still. For that would be against the purpose of creation itself. And it would indeed be against the purpose for which you have chosen to enter this spiral that is creation, that is the world of form.

For regardless of the images created by science or various religions, the world of form is not static. It does not stand still, nor is it cyclical in nature going from one state to another of back to the first, back to the second and so forth indefinitely. The world of form is an upward spiral that has a clear direction and a clear purpose. You may fight against it – that is your choice – but you are not fighting against God or God’s plan. You are fighting against the consequences that you have created and that those on your planetary unit have created collectively.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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