How Christianity, materialism and agnosticism control people

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 13, 2014 through Kim Michaels.

Do you understand that, for a very long time in the western world, their primary means for controlling what people knew and believed was the Christian religion, specifically the CatholicChurch. It was, as we have said before, one of the most effective and successful mind control machines created on this planet. For over a thousand years, it dominated the thinking of people in the western world. It still has a tremendous influence, not only the CatholicChurch but the offspring of the CatholicChurch in the form of all other Christian churches who, for the vast majority of them, are building on the foundations set by the Church fathers 1600-1700 hundred years ago.

For a very long time, western thinking was dominated by the Christian claim that there is only one true religion, there is only one true road to salvation, there is only one true doctrine: We have the absolute and highest truth because we have the highest authority of God and Christ. For a very long time, the false hierarchy on this planet were able to use the CatholicChurch and the Christian religion in order to control people.

As Saint Germain has explained, when there is an established power elite of fallen beings that have attained control of the population, there will inevitably be an aspiring power elite of other fallen beings. They may claim that they want to free the people, but they really want to take the position of the established elite so that they themselves become the established elite. This aspiring power elite started using science as their means to counteract and take down the control of religion. They, therefore, turned science into an entirely materialistic endeavor that also claimed to have an absolute truth, namely that there was no God and that all spirituality was just subjective illusions.

The net result of the battle between these two approaches to life is what I have just called the modern state of agnosticism. So many people have gone into a mindset where they see the fallacy of the orthodox Christian claim. They also have a sense there is something missing from the orthodox materialistic claim, yet because they do not know what is missing, they go into a state of mind of not knowing what to believe. They accept the subtle ploy, also promoted by the false hierarchy, that there is no absolute truth, there is no higher truth, there is nothing to really know and believe. Therefore, they don’t accept any authority beyond the human level.

What is the underlying plot? You may look at mainstream Christianity, you may look at scientific materialism, you may look at agnosticism and say they are quite different from a certain perspective. But, if you step back and look at them all, they are all based on the same mindset, which is precisely the mindset of the fallen beings, namely that the duality consciousness can define truth, can define what is real and unreal. This is the underlying belief of the fallen beings, my beloved. This is what they want you to believe.

Mainstream Christianity was a man-made religion that took a set of man-made doctrines. Yes, they were built on the teachings of Jesus, but they were distortions of the teachings of Jesus as anybody can see by reading the scriptures and reading the Nicene Creed. They took these man-made doctrines and elevated them to an absolute truth. Scientific materialism is based on taking selective findings of science and elevating them to an absolute truth. Agnosticism is based on the mindset that says there is no absolute truth, there is nothing beyond the material world.

Do you see that orthodox Christianity said the separate mind, the dualistic mind, can define the doctrines of Christ? Materialistic science says scientific measurements and conclusions can define what is real and what is unreal, what exists and what does not exist. The agnostic mindset says the dualistic mind can define that there is no absolute truth, no higher truth, and therefore, no idea or statement is more valid than any other. But, it is all the same mindset where you – in separation, in duality – you are defining what is true. This is the plot. It has, of course, been used in every area of society.


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