How Christianity feeds the unbalanced father element

Ascended Master Mother Mary, March 22, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

Even in traditional Christian churches, there is a growing awareness that the old ways are no longer working and that we need to look for a new approach. And of course, my beloved, that new approach is what Jesus came to give humankind 2,000 years ago. And had his message been fully understood and applied, you would indeed have had a greater balance today. And thus, you would not have seen the deplorable situation, where Christianity actually became an excuse for the aggression of the white settlers against the native peoples. So that Christianity had been turned into a religion, that reinforced the unbalanced approach of the unbalanced Father element, rather than do what it was intended to do—balance that, balance the masculine and the feminine, so that people through Christ discernment, through Christ awareness, could attain that balance.

I have spoken long, and thus I will conclude my remarks. But I have given you your assignments. And if you will be focused, you can indeed create a major breakthrough. So I ask you to be mindful of the Mother element in which you move. Be mindful of time, my beloved, be mindful of keeping your energies high by not engaging in conversations, that might be fine in your daily lives but are not truly suitable to helping you tune into your higher being during a spiritual retreat.

I understand that you all want to have fun and that you don’t want to be too serious, as so many religious people are. But I am asking you to be mindful of the way you have fun, so that you raise your level to the highest level you can conceive of. And then, when you have gone as high as you conceive of, then you ask me to give you the immaculate concept of how you can go even higher. And I will, my beloved, I will, if you ask me with an open heart.

I will show you, each one individually, how you can come to a higher level in your life, in your personal life, where you can come closer to realizing and manifesting your goals in life and having the vision of what is your divine plan, what is your purpose for being on earth, and how you can best fulfill that purpose. And even make the adjustments that some of you will have to make in your daily lives, in order to fulfill that purpose. Thus, my beloved, I thank you again for your attention, for your presence and for your fiery hearts.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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