Help those who can be helped

Ascended Master Jesus, March 30, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

So many times we see people who are close to manifesting Christhood become attached to helping a specific person or a specific group of people. They spend time and energy on this, but they would never have a chance to change these people’s minds anyway. In pursuing this impossible goal they then neglect the fact that there are many people that they could help. There are many people who could be changed for they are open to changing their minds, they simply need some guidance, they need some statement of truth that resonates with the truth in their hearts.

I am not saying you have been wrong for seeking to work with the fallen beings. In many cases, they have deserved an opportunity, and thus it was right for you to be in a relationship with them for a time. I am saying that there does come a point where you need to recognize that cycles have turned and now it is time to just transcend that fallen consciousness so it has nothing in you, so that the prince of this world, in whatever form he might appear, has nothing in you. This is what I desire you to ponder at this Easter in 2013.

In the next years are great opportunities for the spiritual people on earth to increase their creative momentum on the seven rays. This dispensation that has been started by the Chohans is a major dispensation for this planet. I am sure you are, at some level of your being, realizing that the many problems you see on earth can only be solved through creative vision. You cannot continue to do what you have always done and expect to have different results. You must find creative solutions, and that can happen only by increasing your momentum on the seven rays. I am in no way telling you not to be creative. I am simply telling you: Direct your creativity where it has the most opportunity to produce results.

I had a special mission 2,000 years ago, to bring judgment to a particular group of fallen beings. I did so by interacting with them and by letting them execute me. In today’s Aquarian age, the fallen beings are no longer the primary goal for the Christened ones in embodiment; neither to rescue them nor to judge them. The primary goal is to express your creativity – the Divine Creativity from the your I AM Presence – to bring forth creative solutions to the many problems that are crying out for solution.

So much is already happening in many fields of life. Such creativity is already beginning to be expressed that surely many of the problems that today seem to have no solution will be solved within a surprisingly short time span. I simply admonish you this: Stop seeking to change those who cannot be changed. Focus your attention and energy on bringing forth creative solutions for those who can and will transcend the human sense of self, those who can and will be spiritually reborn and thereby transcend the consciousness of death.

Let go of that spirit that is focused on changing or saving or judging the spirits of the fallen beings. It is simply spirit fighting spirit and it can never lead to a decisive outcome. When the Christ is born in your heart, and when you help inspire others to let the Christ be born in their hearts, then there is a decisive outcome and the earth moves closer to the ascension point. This is how to use your focus, your energies, your attention.

Let a word to the wise be sufficient. I am not concerned at all with this message in seeking to reach those who have proven that they cannot be reached. Let them pass from the screen of life on earth according to cosmic law, which never fails.

Thus, I wish you, my beloved, a Happy Easter. I wish you the happiness that you can never experience when you are attached to those in the fallen consciousness. They do not know what happiness is, and when you experience and express it, they see it as a threat. Be not concerned about this. Allow yourself to be truly happy for the fact that you know Christ within your heart. Knowing the inner Christ is the key to happiness. Thus I say again: “Happy Easter.”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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