Hear Jesus inside yourself

Ascended Master Jesus, November 2, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

[Period of silence by Jesus]. I am silent because I wanted you to experience that the omega polarity to our speaking is indeed silence. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you always need to listen to an outer teaching, to an outer voice. For if you think that I, Jesus Christ, can only speak to you through an external messenger, then you are missing the Omega aspect of my ministry. For I can indeed speak to each one of you in your heart. But in order to hear me, you must create a space of silence in your mind. For I am not as loud and boisterous as you might think, based on the music that was played before I started speaking.

But this is, again, how they want to see Christ as the triumphant king, who comes in and overthrows all of the powers of this world. But you see, I was not the loud and boisterous king, that marched into the cities of Israel. I was, was I not, the humble person who rode on a donkey? And this is a symbol for the fact, that I do not come to you individually with a loud, boisterous voice trying to force you. I come as a very quiet voice, that seeks to encourage you to gain a higher understanding, that you may make better choices on your own instead of being told what to do.

I have no desire to tell every human being on this planet what to do, for even I desire to have my quiet moments. Why would I take on the job of thinking, that I know how everyone on earth should behave, thereby also being responsible for the choices they make, yet being unable – according to free will – to influence their life experience. So many times a spiritual guru has told people what to do – for example told people whom to marry – and then when the marriage does not work out – because the people had a naïve expectation that if they were told by the guru everything should be “happy ever after” – and then when they have to work on their problems, they become dissatisfied with the guru, feel like they got wrong advice, and now they go into a negative state of consciousness.

It is a pattern that you see over and over again with those who have allowed themselves to follow an external authority of any kind. And indeed, you will see it here in Germany, where the German people in the 1930’s wanted to follow an external authority, and so a person arose who could fill that role in the German nation. And then, certainly, the German people later regretted having followed that leader, and now they blamed the leader instead of recognizing, that the leader was a manifestation of their own consciousness, their own unwillingness to take responsibility.

So you see, again, if your consciousness is at a certain level, you will attract to you – or rather, you will attract yourself to – a particular parallel universe, where whatever is in your consciousness will manifest. So, you who are the spiritual people, what I would like to encourage you to consider is, that you might attune your consciousness to the vibration of my beloved brother Saint Germain and his vision for a Golden Age in Europe. And then accept that that Golden Age is the manifest reality in your world.

For this to be successful, you need, as I said, to raise your own consciousness beyond the manifestations of ego that cannot exist in the Golden Age. And this is then where I will offer my assistance as the quiet voice within—if you will indeed give me a little time once in awhile, where you seek to quiet the mind and just sit in silence. Turn off the iPod, my beloved! For I do not wish to compete with this technological wonder. Give me silence and I will give you direction. Do we have a deal? Then I seal you in the peace of my heart.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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