Have you had enough of duality?

Ascended Master Jesus, April 8, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, this is not wrong. You have free will. The world is set up – the world of form is set up as Maitreya explains – to give you a greater appreciation for the oneness of God by realizing and experiencing that there is something outside of that oneness. So you have a right to descend into duality.

The problem is when you become stuck in duality, because not only have you stepped into a role in the theater production called earth – the production where you experience either being a villain or a victim or a hero – but you have become identified with it to the point, where you have forgotten that there is something outside the world stage. And that is when you get stuck and cannot separate yourself from that role. Because of the limitations of time and space, you can stay in that role indefinitely. But since time and space is not indefinite, there must come a time when the opportunity runs out, which is what we have called the second death.

The reality of time and space is that those who have become lost in time and space can indeed come to the point, where their opportunity runs out. And therefore, they must go through the erasing of the dualistic identity that they have come to identify themselves as. And this, of course, is not what God hopes to see, because as Maitreya and Mother Mary explain, you were all created to start out with a limited self-awareness but expand it until you came to the full God awareness, where you realize that you are now the fullness of your Creator while still being an individual being.

God created you to become more; not to become less. So you see, there is nothing wrong with you having the experience of going into the dualistic world, where you have the contrast between light and dark. But when you become stuck in it, that is when we have a problem. That is why the Living Word is then sent in an attempt to awaken you to realize, that there is something beyond the dualistic role you are playing right now.

But in order for you to fully escape that role, to leave that role behind, you have to come to the realization, that you no longer want to experience the contrasts between joy and sorrow, evil and good, light and dark. For you are willing to leave behind that experience and come into the higher experience of the bliss, the oneness, the eternal peace that is available in the spiritual realm. Or rather, even is available in this realm, when you give up the duality consciousness and put on the mind of Christ.

Ponder the very fact that you have grown up in a world with contrast but that there is an alternative to that world of contrast, namely a state of consciousness where you are in the eternal bliss that cannot be pulled into the dualistic extremes. And therefore, you do not experience the sorrow and the suffering so many people find on earth. But neither do you experience the sort of happiness that is in contrast to the sorrow.

You simply need to ponder in your beings whether you have had enough of experiencing the contrast, so that you are now willing to lose that state of life, that mortal dualistic contrasting state of life, and let that life die, to lose that life for the sake of coming into oneness with Christ (Matthew 16:25) so that the Christ within you can take you to that peace, to that bliss, that is untouched by the world and its contrasts.

This, my beloved, is a decision only you can make, and I am not telling you that you should make it at a certain time. I am simply saying that if you could realize in your being that you have had enough of certain things on earth, then there is an alternative. And the only way to truly overcome the sorrow you feel on earth, the suffering you experience on earth, the only way to fully overcome it is to leave behind the duality of both sorrow and joy.

And when you are ready for this, you can indeed do so. You can also stay for awhile in a sort of mixed state, where you still experience some sorrow and some joy, but you are no longer fully identified with it. So when you are in a state of sorrow, you know there is more and you are not so fully enveloped in it that it overtakes you completely. And this again is another experience. And as long as you desire this experience, you have free will.

But again, when you feel you have had enough, then simply let it go. Take my hand and look at the world and look at the things that used to be so important to you, that you thought you would die if you didn’t have this or if you didn’t have your way with other people. Then look at it and say, “What is that to me. I will follow Christ into the eternal peace that is beyond this dualistic struggle” (John 21:22)

This, my beloved, is the gift I came to bring humankind 2,000 years ago, but I did not simply come at a specific time, for truly Christ cannot come in time, Christ cannot be confined to time, Christ comes in the Eternal NOW. Which means that the gift of Christhood has always been available to people and will always be available to them. Yet as we have said, the more people in embodiment can demonstrate the path to Christhood, well the more people will wake up and learn from their example and follow them into that eternal rest, which is not really rest but is truly the dynamic rest of the River of Life.

Thus my beloved, I thank you for your attention. I thank you for your presence at this conference. And I indeed thank you for being willing to be the open doors for the Living Word. For truly, all of you have felt the Living Word in your beings, have felt it stir something. For that I am grateful, and I will be even more grateful if you will multiply what you have received and give it to others. Thus, I shall withdraw, sealing you in my heart, for Mother Mary has something to say to you.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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