Hastening the judgment of the fallen beings

Ascended Master Mother Mary, August 27, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

I would speak to you today on the topic of the murder of the holy innocence, or rather, on the murder of innocence itself, innocence as a state of consciousness. When Jesus said ‘ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father will ye do for he was a murderer from the beginning, for he had no truth in him’ then what did Jesus mean with those words? What did he mean by challenging those he was speaking to at the time?

He meant precisely, what was stated by Astrea, that when you rise up, take a stand and in various ways speak out against those who attack the innocence, then you bring about or hasten their judgment. You are not judging them, you are not the judgement for only God can be the judgement. It is not your vision, your outer vision, your outer perception, your outer opinion on what they are doing that makes any difference. It is that you take a stand for something beyond your own outer mind, even your own outer self and perception. They keep attacking you and that is what gives the representatives of God the authority to shorten the lifespan and the opportunity of these lifestreams.

You do realise, do you not – when you look at the world and see how there are those that repeatedly attack others in violent ways – that when we talk about a karmic opportunity, we are not saying that the fallen beings have been given an opportunity to attack others. They have been given an opportunity to turn around. But if they continue to demonstrate their willingness to attack others rather than look at themselves and their own actions, well then their opportunity to turn around can be squandered and therefore they can be removed from the earth. Or they can be allowed to live out their natural lifespan, or they can be given the full karmic return of their past actions which often paralyses them, or paralyses their ability to attack others.


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