Guilt has no constructive purpose

Ascended Master Jesus, May 10, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

And this is where many of you are tripped up. For, of course, you can remember who you were yesterday and what you did yesterday. And some of you can even remember what you did lifetimes ago. But you see, my beloved, you are no longer that person—when you have given up the consciousness that caused you to do whatever you did in the past. And therefore, you must go through a period – like this messenger did – that when his own ego and the false teachers were projecting the memory of a mistake into his mind, he would consciously say, “But I am no longer the self that did that. I did not do that, the self that I am now did not make that mistake. And therefore, I do not need to feel guilty about it.”

It is no more different than when you think back to when you learned to walk. Should you feel guilty for being clumsy and falling down when you were a few months old and trying to walk? Why on earth would you feel guilty over this? So why would you feel guilty over mistakes you have made as an adult, or mistakes you have made in past lifetimes?

There is no constructive purpose for guilt whatsoever. It is a lower vibration, a vibration of anti-love. It is a projection of the fallen beings and of your own ego—attempting to hold you back from accepting your rebirth into a new sense of identity. It serves no constructive purpose.


For you are more than this.

There is no force in heaven whatsoever that wants to hold you back in a former sense of self. Therefore, any attempt to hold you back can only come from below, from the false teachers, from the fallen beings, from your own ego, from the mass consciousness, from other people. Wherever it comes from, it is unreal. And that which is unreal cannot affect that which is real—your conscious self.

Certainly, we all understand that this is not necessarily an easy transition. I can tell you this – I can tell you this with fire, in order to shake you out of your old state of consciousness – but I recognize that while you might be lifted up by my fire, you can easily go out from this environment and fall back into the old patterns. And then, what happens when you fall back into the old patterns? Are you now going to think back and say, “Oh, I just did what Jesus told me not to do. I should feel guilty for not following Jesus’ instructions.” And see—then you are right back in the old momentum.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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