Growing up in a mechanistic society

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 24, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, you have been brought up in a society, in a religion, that is almost completely inundated with this mechanization consciousness. But it is time for you to come to a higher level of understanding of the spiritual path. It is time for you to make a sincere effort, an all-out effort, to shake off this yoke of the mechanization consciousness. It is time to take a stand and say, “I am not a robot. I am not a mechanical being. I am a son or daughter of God. I am a spiritual being. I am a creative being. I see who I AM, and I am willing to purify my vision, so that I will no longer express the power of God from my heart through the impurities of this mechanization consciousness, that causes me to use my co-creative powers in a way that seeks to maintain a society, and a culture – and even nature – in a state that is less than the actual potential for this earth.”

This is keeping the earth cut off from the flow of the River of Life, serving to maintain status quo, that allows a small power elite to control the population and to keep this planet in a state of poverty – physical, material, spiritual, emotional, mental poverty – that causes the majority of the population to live at a much lower level materially and spiritually than is necessary, in order to make it possible to create the illusion that the elite is raised above the people. Even though the reality is, that the elite are more poor than all those below them – for they are more trapped in the consciousness of poverty, the consciousness of mechanization – than any of the people, that are being led by these blind leaders who are truly heading for the ditch of duality, either the ditch on the one side of the road or the ditch on the other side.

Raising your vision above mechanization

We have given you the teachings that you need to accomplish this task, especially in Mother Mary’s book, that speaks on the psychological level, and in Maitreya’s book, that speaks on the overall level of understanding what is going on on planet earth. You have the tools, you have the teachings. And what is left is to grasp the vision of the need to reach beyond that mechanization consciousness, and to become creative beings—instead of continuing these patterns of mechanization, that have been programmed into you for many lifetimes.

Thus, my beloved, make that effort, make the determination right now to reach for the vision. And if you are willing to make this decision, then I want to hear it from you, spoken physically. So call to me, Saint Germain, now and ask me to assist you in showing you the vision of what is beyond duality, what is beyond the mechanization concept, so that I may have the authority to give you that assistance, to give you the vision that will set you free from the mechanization concept. [Audience makes calls]

Thus, my beloved, now that I have the authority to assist you – and have achieved the double goal of waking you up – I will continue my discourse. You see, the task I am asking you to engage in, is not easy. For eons, very few people on this planet have freed themselves entirely from this mechanization consciousness. And thus, you need to think about the teachings we have given you—of how all of you have volunteered to come into embodiment to take on specific aspects of the collective consciousness. And I now give you the understanding, that what you have taken on is some aspect of the mechanization consciousness. For really, there is no other state of consciousness on earth but the mechanization consciousness and the Christ consciousness, the creative consciousness.

When you have this overall understanding, it will be easier for you to gain a greater understanding of the particular aspect of the mechanization consciousness that you have taken on. And when you begin to understand, so to speak, the mechanics of the mechanization concept, you will be able to apply it to any aspect of your personal situation, any aspect of society.

There is no greater service, there is no greater need, on planet earth right now than to have some people, who will not only free themselves from the mechanization consciousness, but who will begin to speak out against that mechanization consciousness. They must point out how it has influenced every aspect of society, and how it has caused human beings to limit themselves in a multitude of ways. First of all by causing them to deny the very reality that they are spiritual beings, who have the creative powers of God, and therefore do not in many cases need a mechanical device to produce what they want on earth.

This has influenced every aspect of society, where for example you still believe that in order to have energy to run your cars or heat your houses or produce electricity, you need oil. Well, I tell you that if people could free themselves from the mechanization concept, they would be able to tap into a far greater source of energy, that would make oil obsolete. And thus, you would see a state, where there was free and unlimited amounts of energy ready for creative efforts.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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