For the judgment of those who abuse children

Ascended Master Jesus, October 24, 2009 through Kim Michaels. 


Why, my beloved, did I, Jesus, come to this place so many years ago? What did I come here to embody? What did I come here to achieve? Was it to raise myself up to be famous in history, to go down in history as someone who had done something for humankind? Or was it for an entirely other reason that few people have understood?

A big part of the reason was indeed for the children, for the innocence of the children. Those who were born in a land of conflict and strife, who had grown up being the pure, the innocent, the holy—and yet had grown up in an environment of such anger and hatred and animosity, that they inevitably became tainted by this coloring of the anger, the hatred, the belief that some people by their different race, by their different religion, were somehow bad or unacceptable to God and would burn forever in some fiery hell, or however it was envisioned in their particular religion or culture.

Do you know how many times I looked upon these children during my ministry, and found infinite hope in their beautiful innocent eyes? For you will know, that there is one time in the Bible, where they came to me and I said “forbid them not,” but what is not recorded in the scriptures is indeed that almost every time I preached, almost everywhere I preached, there were children who found their way within hearing distance, often without listening to my words but listening to what was behind the words, the radiation, the love that emanated from my Being; the very love for the children of God.

For did I not say that the meek shall inherit the earth, my beloved? And the truth behind that statement is very simple; those who are the innocent of heart shall indeed inherit the earth. For the day will come, when those who are the proud – those who are the arrogant, those who have the superiority of feeling they are better than the children of God on earth – when they will have had their day, when their opportunity will come to an end.

For the judgment of those who abuse children
As part of coming here to minister onto the children, I also came to minister to them in a greater way than they could possibly understand, and bring forth the judgment of Christ upon those who have had long enough to abuse these children in various ways. For I can assure you, that there are those who have been in the earth for a long time – who have lost the connection to their higher selves, who have lost the ability to absorb light directly from within themselves – and who therefore must steal that light from others in order to continue to survive on this planet. And how do they steal it? Well, they do it in many ways but one of the first and foremost ways is indeed the abuse of the children. For the children with their greater innocence have more light stored in their chakras, and therefore there is more that can be spilled through this abuse.

It can be sexual abuse, it can violence, it can be religious abuse of forcing the children into a mindset that is so far from the innocent mind of the child, that the child at too early of an age is taught to hate, is taught to discriminate against other people because of their different religion—even though they are clearly no different from themselves. And I can assure you, that the children do not see the differences that the adults see. It is not a natural thing to look upon people who look exactly like you, and just because they are of a different religion, you then should hate them. 

This would never come from the child’s mind; it is something that must be forced on the child through violence. And I can assure you, that it is one of the worst forms of violence to bring up a child in this way of hatred and anger. The spilling of the blood in front of children, the teaching of children to hate, this is one of the worst crimes against humanity, and you see it going on throughout this world. 

The end of opportunity for some lifestreams
There are those who have had a very long time to abuse their power, even in the abuse of children, and their day has come to an end. For they have not been willing to transcend that consciousness. And you see this today in child pornography, in child abuse, sexual abuse of children, even the selling of children into prostitution throughout the world. And you see it in bringing up children to hate, both in this area with its conflict between Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims but you see it throughout the world as well.

Think back to the Second World War and before, when you had the Hitler Jugend, where children in Germany were brought up to see themselves and their country as superior and to worship this black magician, Adolf Hitler, who had no love for them whatsoever, but only desired to abuse them and steal their light, to use it for his own purposes. This takes many forms, it has taken many forms throughout the ages—but I can tell you that it is time for this to end. And thus, what I will tell you today is this: the opportunity has come to an end for 10,000 souls on this planet; 10,000 lifestreams who have embodied here for a long time, many of them not even originating in this sphere but originating in higher spheres and having fallen through one or two spheres before they ended up here.

When I came here 2,000 years ago into physical embodiment as Jesus, I came, as I said, for the judgment. I came for the judgment of another number of lifestreams, who had had their last opportunity in the preceding age. Those lifestreams were judged and taken. Some of them for killing me as the Christ, some of them for other crimes, for other misuses of power, but they were taken back then from the earth, many of them during my lifetime, some of them when their natural lifespan ended.

Have they overcome the abuse of power?
But there were 10,000 beings who had not descended into the same low levels of abuse of power as the ones that were taken. And after my resurrection and ascension, I vowed to give these lifestreams another opportunity for another 2,000 years. Where they would have the opportunity to see what life could be, when you espouse the principles that I came to bring through the movement that became Christianity—although it surely was never intended to become a formal religion.

Yet, what you see is this: there have been 10,000 lifestreams who have embodied over these 2,000 years, in many different lifetimes, coming to great positions of power, many of them being the known persons who have had power in history. They have had opportunity after opportunity to have power, and they have been embodied in a Christian culture, where they had the principles of Christ. Yet have they been willing to embody those principles, to overcome their abuse of power and to use power wisely? My Beloved, indeed some of them have.

Some of them have indeed transcended the abuse of power and have come to a point, where they have embodied the teachings I gave to such an extent, that they are no longer abusing power but have indeed reversed the downward spiral that the abuse of power becomes. Therefore, they have been able to start on the true path of self-awareness, some of them even rising to the path of Christhood, grasping the true principles of Christhood that I taught. 

From this perspective it must be said, that giving these 10,000 lifestreams an opportunity has been successful, in indeed empowering some to transcend the downward spiral of the abuse of power. Yet of course, as is usually the case, some of the 10,000 – in fact the majority of them – have not used the opportunity wisely. They have indeed even been able to take the principles that I taught, turn them on their head, turn them into a formal religion and again use it as a justification for abusing power. 

You saw this in the very beginning of the formation of the Catholic Church, you saw it in the crusades, in the suppression of knowledge, in the suppression of science, in the massacre of the Cathars; in so many other abuses—the inquisition, the witch-hunts, and so many examples of warfare between Christian nations or between Christians and non-Christians. Do you see, that a substantial portion of these 10,000—not only have they continued to abuse power but they have used the teachings I gave – the teachings that were meant to empower them to escape the abuse of power – they have perverted those teachings and used them as a justification for their abuse of power?

The cycle is coming to an end
Well my beloved, it is with great joy I can announce, that this cycle is coming to an end. It is coming to an end precisely at this time on this day [4:08 PM Jerusalem time, October 24, 2009], where I speak this in the physical. Thus, this judgment can be spoken by me, as indeed it was spoken by Maitreya through me 2,000 years ago although not recorded in the official scriptures. This is a momentous opportunity for the earth; it is of an almost epic importance in the sense that having this opportunity sealed in the physical is indeed a great boon for planet earth and for the raising of the awareness of humankind.

It is an absolute necessity, that someone in physical embodiment can hold that level of Christhood to hold the balance for the ending of this cycle. Otherwise it could not manifest in the physical at this particular time, but it would have to wait for some future time when people had again been willing to rise to that Christhood. 


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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