Few Christians see Jesus as the source of joy

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, life is joy. Life is joy! Self-awareness is the ultimate joy, bestowed upon you by an unconditionally loving Creator, who wants you to be all that the Creator is, even more—and thus could do this only by giving you the gift of self-awareness. I know full well, that self-awareness can be seen as a curse and is seen as a curse by many, which is the truth that the Buddha expressed in that life is suffering when seen through the filter of duality.

Blessed are ye who know the difference between the inner path and the outer mechanical path. Blessed are ye who realize, that the living Christ is more than any man-made figure, Church, doctrine or ritual. Blessed are ye who seek the living Christ and are willing to go beyond all the outer symbols. Blessed are ye who realize, that following Christ is not a matter of following an outer pre-defined path or ritual. Blessed are ye who realize, that following Christ is a matter of going within, raising your own consciousness, changing that consciousness daily, dying daily to the old consciousness, putting off the old man, putting on the new man, being spiritually reborn in Christ, becoming a new person in Christ every day.

Blessed are ye who are willing to look at the beam in your own eye and realize, that it is your own mental box, your own beliefs and world-views, that are keeping you trapped in a little prison, a mental prison beyond the physical prisons. Blessed are ye who know, that there is no locked door in your mental box, except your own beliefs, your own unwillingness to look at your beliefs and see them for the unreality that they are. Blessed are ye who are willing to reach for the truth of the Living Christ, that will shatter the illusions that make you feel like you cannot or should not or must not leave behind that mental box. 

Blessed are ye who are willing to ask the living Christ to expose to you the beam in your own eye, that stops you from seeing the illusions that make up your mental box. Blessed are ye who know, that you can at any moment be reborn by accepting the unconditional love of the living Christ, by letting that love fill your heart and being, so that there is no room for any darkness and shadow. Blessed are ye who know, that you have the right, the authority, the capacity to open your heart and mind for the living Christ to be born in your heart.

And you can do this at any moment. You do not need to wait for some magical time, for some magical astrological configuration or some alignment of the stars. You do not need to wait for anything external, for you can do it at any moment, when you decide that now is the acceptable time. For I am beyond time. I am beyond space. I am with you always.

Do you not understand the inner meaning of this statement? The kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of God is at hand. I am with you always. Ponder this. Ponder this and then, reach for my Spirit, the Spirit of the Living Christ. Invite me into your heart—not for the last supper, but for the never-ending supper, where you eat the bread of life every day, where you drink the blood of Christ every day as the Living Spirit that I AM.

This is my Spirit, that is broken for you in the Living word. Take, eat, eat all of it but know that you can never eat all of it, for it is infinite. There is always MORE, and I am willing to give you that more without end. This is my promise to those who are willing to follow me into life and to leave behind that which is death. LIFE I AM. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. And as long as I am in the world – through those who are in embodiment, who are willing to let the spirit of Christ be born in their hearts – then I AM the light of the world.

Thus, I am the light through those who are the true followers of the inner Christ. And I am the light through the ten thousands and millions more, and I will be more of that light, as you dare to recognize, that you too are more of that light. Thus with infinite gratitude, I seal you in the infinite love of the heart of the ascended master Magda, the ascended master Jesus. We, who are the true witnesses above, seal you in our love. Be it so. Be it so, for it is finished It is finished, my beloved and the living word shall never be extinguished by the dead word, or the dead ritual or the dead stones. [master takes a deep breath.]

Take some time, my beloved, every morning to focus on your breath. Breathe in and know that you are breathing in the Spirit of the Living Christ. And then breathe out and see how that living Spirit is breathed out through you to all life on earth. Thus I am as close as your breath. Remember me. Remember me daily, for I am with you always.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



Copyright © 2009 Kim Michaels