Fearing to meet the master

Ascended Master Saint Germain, October 29, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Do you hear this bell* in the background; do you hear it? Do you see the structure they have built up there, the monument they have built on this mountain, that they have decided was the Mount of Transfiguration, even though I can tell you that it was not? Do you see, that if you go into that Church, that monastery, you will find people there who, most of them, are satisfied with the outer teachings of Christ? And what does that mean? It means there is not room in their hearts for an encounter with the Living Christ.

Fearing an encounter with the Living master

They are afraid of the Living master, who would appear to them and speak to them in their hearts—if they only would give him room to enter, if there was only room within for the living Christ to be born. But they are afraid of it, because somewhere in their beings they know, that if they encountered the Living Christ, they would have to make the choice between life and death. They would have to make the choice to take responsibility for themselves instead of continuing in the drama.

For you go and see so many of these mainstream Christians today, and you will see, that they have defined a drama, where they only need to keep playing their part, and then they think they will be rewarded in the end by Jesus appearing—somehow taking away their sins. And that is the only requirement for them entering heaven: to have their sins taken away by Christ and to live a “good” Christian life, defined according to some outer earthly standard.

You who claim to be students of the ascended masters, you should know better. You should realize the difference between wanting only an outer teaching or wanting an encounter with a living master. You are free to do whatever you want. I have no intention whatsoever of forcing you. I only offer you my living Presence as the master of Aquarius. If you think that any teaching can capture and hold my living Presence, then I say: “May you live happily in your drama.” And then, when you are ready to give it up, I will still be here for you. For I cannot reach you, if you are focused on the outer teaching, and if you take any teaching given by Saint Germain, given under that name, and turn it into a mental box.

Because then you have no chance whatsoever of encountering my living Presence, that I offer to you 24 hours a day. For I too am with you always. We who are the ascended masters are with you always. Which does not mean, that we will be with you for an eternity. For some day your time will run out—whereas my time will never run out, for I am beyond time, for I have transcended my dramas. But it does mean, that while you are in embodiment, we are there at any moment at any time. You do not need to wait for this cosmic event. You simply need to decide, that this is the time where I want a more direct encounter with the ascended masters than what I can get through an outer teaching.

This messenger is a messenger because he decided that—he looked to us and said, “I want more. I want a more direct encounter with you.” And you know that the answer was instantaneous—if he was willing to serve in a greater capacity. And because he was willing, he got that encounter with Jesus. This was not for his own growth or for his own glorification. This was not for the raising up of that separate self to have some special status. For if you come to us from that perspective – of wanting an encounter with the ascended masters, so that your separate self can feel special – well, then you will still be wandering in the desert for forty years or more, without entering the promised land.

Be willing to move in order to serve

Instead, come to us with that openness of the heart, where you are willing to serve, to give something to others. Then you will feel our presence there, as we direct you to how you can serve. But be aware, that this might mean dramatic changes in your life. For there are so many times, where you cannot serve to your full capacity in the circumstances you are in right now. Has this not been demonstrated by all of us in our earthly lives, such as Master MORE talked about in his incarnation as Abraham, where he had to leave his land – leave the circumstances where he was comfortable and felt in control – and move around, not feeling quite in control, but feeling nevertheless the Presence of that inner guidance with him.

This is indeed what we look for in our students: those who are willing to walk into the unknown, to take one step at a time. Those are true students, following the inner path, not some outer direction. For do you not understand, as Maitreya has explained, that there is a time where you can follow the guru, the external guru, but there is a time, where you must go within and follow the internal guru only. [A Church bell rings in the background]

Ah, my beloved, for whom do the bells toll? Well, the bells you hear are outer expressions, but there is a symbol in the bell. For I tell you, that for each of you, your I AM Presence is sounding a bell, calling you to come up higher. Not to go into some outer Church and worship some external image of Christ, but to go within the Church of the heart – to go within your closet, as Jesus said – and there find the living Presence of the Christ in whatever form it is for you, whatever master is close to your heart. Is it me, is it Jesus, Mother Mary, Master MORE or any of the masters? Find that master, cling to that master, open your mind and heart to the living Presence of that master, and then be willing to be led wherever it takes you, even if it makes no sense for your outer mind.

Be willing to make those seismic shifts in your life, that will put you on the path of your service. Not the path TO your service, for be careful to realize, that this dream of some goal, of some ultimate service, is just another drama. The reality is, that your service is a process, an ongoing process, that will continue for this lifetime and possibly in other lifetimes or continuing in the ascended realm, when you have no more need or desire to embody. Life is a process. There is no ultimate result, for even when you attain the consciousness of the Creator level, you immediately start creating—and thus the process continues.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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