Exposing those with impure intent

Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, August 27, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

It is time, it is time in earth’s history that the serpentine consciousness be exposed, and this shall be done in the cycles of time for cycles have turned and nothing will ever be the same. Maitreya I AM. I hold the office of the Cosmic Christ for the earth. Thus, I have the authority to declare, based on the number of people embodying the flame of kindness, that the cycle that the fallen ones have been allowed to direct their unkindness towards the holy innocent has come to an end. Thus, there will be a new release of light to flush out into the open those who have an unkind intent, an evil intent to destroy and put down innocence itself.

Innocence is the only thing that can open up the door to the kingdom of heaven. And where is door? Where is the kingdom? Did he not say: The kingdom of God is within. The door to the kingdom is within the innocence of oneness. The mind can never be one. The core of your being, the Conscious You, can be one for it is out of the One. Thus, when you know this, your victory is sure.

You actually know that beyond the Christ light being the cure, the Christ light is the cure because it enables you, empowers you, to see that the disease was never real. You are real and I, Maitreya, am real. My son, Jesus Christ, is real, Mother Mary is real, Astrea is real, Master MORE is real, Saint Germain is real, Hilarion is real, we are all real.

Thus, we can all be that frame of reference that can allow you to step outside your own mind and therefore be sure of what is real. We are here always. Make use of us if you will! If you will not, then I trust that the School of Hard Knocks will give you the experience you desire until you have had enough of it and desire that you want more than this.

What a joy it is for us to see the many people who over the years, now almost 10 years, have been touched by the ‘Ask Real Jesus’ website and the teachings we have released there. Surely, it has gone through many different stages, speaking to different levels of consciousness. Surely, many have come only to reject and refuse, but still receiving an opportunity to go beyond the closed loop of their own minds.

Surely, even though no teaching can give an ultimate argument, a teaching can have a transcendental quality that means it can open the mind to experiencing the Christ light from within. Surely, the teachings we have given on our websites and the books have that quality, which is why they are sponsored by us and why we will continue to release further teachings through this messenger and his divine companion.

Life on earth is not a goal in itself. It is merely a phase where you learn to recognize the difference between the mirages of the serpentine consciousness and the reality of Christ, the reality of oneness. Thus I, Maitreya, extend to you an opportunity. My seed syllable is MAIM – m-a i-m as you would spell it with the Western alphabet. MAIM.

You may use this if you will as a mantra so that every time you catch your mind going around in its loop, you start silently repeating this mantra, or perhaps reciting it, chanting it aloud. Whenever you use this mantra, this sound, I will be there to offer you a frame of reference from beyond your mind. I will give you a piece of my mind, as they say. Thus, I seal you in the flame of kindness that I AM. (Recites MAIM 40 times)


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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