Europe as the birthplace of pacifying ideas

Ascended Master Jesus, May 20, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

When you look at the history of Europe, you see the cradle of a number of ideas that have been used around the world to pacify and suppress the people. First and foremost, of course, in the religious arena, as I have explained. But then see what happened when the religious domination of the Catholic Church began to crumble and the people began to say, “We have had enough. We want to have our freedom to think. We want to have our freedom to look at the reality of the physical octave and what it tells us, instead of being fed these infallible doctrines that truly are out of touch with reality.”

It was an incredible expansion of the mindset of Europe, when it began to be generally known that the earth was not flat and that it was not the center of a very small universe. But that it indeed revolved around the sun and that the sun was the center of the solar system. What you had before that time was a mindset, where the general culture and world view of the population was almost completely out of touch with reality, divine reality.

What you had seen in the preceding centuries was that the leaders of the Catholic Church had created a world view that was entirely man-made. So they had made the Word of God of no effect in their tradition (Mark 7:13). They had indeed created a world view that was so removed from the reality of God, that there was hardly any reality left. And you can see this clearly by the fact that the Catholic Church promoted the idea that the earth, this little planet, was the center of the entire universe—although certainly they believed the universe was much smaller than today.

Can you see, that when it first became apparent to people – and greater numbers of people, namely the top 10 percent – that it was possible to make an observation through a simple telescope – and see that the movements in the heavens did not correspond to the doctrine that the earth was the center of the universe – that this was an incredible expansion of the mindset of Europe? For certainly, then it once again connected to the fact that there is a reality beyond man-made ideas and beliefs.

This was indeed the very central element of the bringing forth of the Renaissance and the many new ideas and inventions that sprung up in Europe. But of course, as always happens, it was not only true ideas that were promoted. For it is inevitable that when there is an expansion of creativity, there will be both true and untrue ideas. So you did see several ideologies that were brought forth here in Europe, such as Karl Marx and Marxism and Darwin and the theory of evolution.

Now, I must tell you that there are some elements of truth even in these ideologies. They are not completely lies. There is indeed a reality to the fact that a country cannot bring forth a just society while allowing those who are the most aggressive people to attain whatever power they can take through force. And therefore, there must be some way to stop this. But of course, it is not the socialist way, where the state owns and controls everything. It is the spiritual way, where the people are awakened, so that they are subject neither to the privately owned companies nor to the state. And that is why communism is not a solution to the problem of the power elite, for it gives the power elite a perfect vehicle through which to attain and maintain power, namely the state itself.

Capitalism and communism form a dualistic polarity that both work towards the same goal, namely a society with centralized control. Either you have a society controlled by the state, as in the communist countries, or you have a society that is controlled by one company that has eventually absorbed all of the other companies and therefore in effect has become the state. Or you can have what you had in Catholic Europe, where you had a society that was controlled by the religious authority which had taken over all areas of society.

It should be possible for you to see, that Europe is indeed an interesting continent, where so many of the ideas that have shaped the world have been born. And therefore, again, as Saint Germain has said, there is an incredible potential on this continent of people rising up and saying, “Enough is enough! We want something more. We want something better.”

And that is indeed already beginning to happen, as it is beginning to happen in other areas of the world. And it can and will – by the grace of God and the willingness of the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people – become an unstoppable movement, that will sweep away the old mindset, the old ideas, and bring forth precisely what Saint Germain talked about, when he said that we need a universal spiritual awakening so that we can overcome the ideology of materialism that denies your spirituality. For it is only through spirituality that the world can be righted and set on the right course.

How both religion and science pacifies people

What I would like to expound upon now is the transition from the Catholic domination of Europe to the current domination by science and the scientific mindset. During the Catholic era, people were presented or viewed as sinners. They were as nothing. They had no inbuilt, inherent divinity. For there was divinity in only one man—Jesus Christ. This of course, is a continuation of the Roman Empire, where they saw that there was divinity in only one man—the Emperor. And thus, after Christianity became the Roman state religion, I became the substitute for the Emperor, the symbol that there can only be one man on earth who has divinity, whereas all the people are below him and fundamentally different from him. You now had a self image among the people that they were nothing, that they were sinners by their mere existence.

As I have said, the scientific revolution did indeed start a process that was highly beneficial in expanding people’s mindset and making them see beyond the traditional view of themselves and the world. Yet, what happened was the same thing that happened to Christianity. After just a few centuries, the power elite began to use science in their eternal quest to suppress the people. You will see that many of the early scientists, including Darwin himself, were indeed religious people and did not believe there was any inherent conflict between science and religion—and that indeed science would simply work within a world view that accounted for the existence of a supreme being and a reality that was beyond human manipulation.

Indeed, many of the early scientists were driven precisely by an understanding of how the Catholic Church had created an entirely false view that was out of touch with reality. And their desire was to use science to bring back some reality in the world view of the people, realizing however that there was certain limitations to what science could discover. For truly, Galileo and others realized that they would never be able to see God through a telescope because God was not located above the sky, as was believed in the old world view.

In the beginning, science was a beneficial movement, expanding the mindset of the people. But then it very gradually turned into a materialistic philosophy instead of a spiritual philosophy. What happened in that process was that now the people were no longer portrayed as worthless sinners, but they were portrayed as only slightly more highly evolved than the monkeys, and therefore as nothing more than animals that had come into being entirely by chance.

Do you see, that whether you consider yourself a worthless sinner or whether you consider yourself an animal—it really is not progress, is it? So the reality is that science has not freed the people’s minds and given them a higher or a more realistic world view. Science has indeed become just another tool in the almost endless string of tools used by the power elite to suppress and pacify the people. So that they can continue to dominate society and attain extraordinary privileges for themselves, while the general population toil and work to support the lifestyle of the elite.


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