Earthly structures are not the key to salvation

Ascended Master Saint Germain, February 13, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Thus, question your perception, question your perception. This is where you find the key to the kingdom of heaven. Question the structure. The structure is not the key, as the Catholic Church claims. It is questioning the structure – allowing the structure to crumble – that is the key to the kingdom of heaven. And THAT is the key that Jesus gave to Peter, the willingness to question. Yet Peter was not willing to use it, and thus, again, you see the folly of an organization based upon Peter, instead of being based upon Christ.

What, indeed, is the folly of saying, that an organization can trace its succession back to Peter and Peter was the first pope? Do you not see how this is a complete perversion of the teachings of Christ? What is the need for a pope, when each person has the kingdom within him? How can there be an outer person, an our organization, who holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven, when the kingdom of heaven is within you? How can you need someone outside yourself in order to unlock that inner kingdom?

It is a complete perversion of the teachings of Christ, and thus you see – right there – you see the admission by the Catholic Church, that they do not represent Christ. They represent Peter, who denied Christ three times by not being willing to use the key of discernment to answer those questions from the perspective of the Christ, instead of from the perspective of the human, where he feared to be crucified with Christ. Instead of going within, unlocking the imagination, that would allow him to give a Christlike answer.

Thus, you see – from the very inception – the Catholic Church represents, indeed, the fallacy of the duality consciousness, where you are recognizing, that there is something beyond duality – and it is Christ – but then you immediately accept the false belief that you cannot reach it on your own. And therefore – because you are not willing to look at what it is that stands between you and Christ – you create a structure on earth. And then you begin to believe, that the structure itself will take you to heaven, that the structure itself will unlock the door for you, that if you just submit your individuality to the structure, then the structure will take you to heaven. But who are you—what are you? You are a co-creator with God. You were given the gift of individuality, of individual free will, of individual creativity, of individual imagination. How do you imagine, that you will get to the kingdom of heaven? By expressing your individuality and your creativity and imagination to its full measure.

This is how you will get to the kingdom of heaven: by expressing your creativity to the point, where you are so filled with the creativity of God, you have seen everything on earth through that clarity of the Christ vision. And thus, you are ready to transcend everything on earth and enter into the Ascension coil, for you have nothing left, that you want to do or experience on earth.

You do not enter heaven by denying your creativity

It is not by denying your creativity, that you enter heaven? You only postpone your entry into heaven by denying it. It is only by expressing it, that you enter heaven. Yet what is it that is demanded by these earthly structures? Look at the Roman Empire: everyone had to submit to the Emperor. Look at the Catholic Church: everyone has to submit to the Pope and the Church. What is it that is demanded here? It is that you submit your individuality, your creativity, your imagination to the structure.

And what is the structure? It represents what you have created, what the ego has created in your own mind. And thus, as the monster of Doctor Frankenstein – the monster that you have created out of being unwilling to look at yourself and your choices – that monster comes back to demand that you submit to it—and that you destroy, that you kill, the very life force, the very creativity, imagination and individuality that could take you away from it. The structure you have created demands that you kill creativity, that you kill the reality of who you are, that you kill the key to the kingdom of heaven.

And yet, at the same time the structure claims, that it can take you to heaven. When, my beloved, will you wake up from this folly? When will you wake up from this illusion and see the reality, that we are telling you over and over again in so many different ways, that it should be possible for each and every one of you to find one way we have said this, that will unlock this vision and understanding for you. Yet the reality is, that if you are not willing to go back and look at yourself, look at that original choice to go into duality, then there is nothing we can do for you, nothing we can say, that will cause you to open your mind. For you can always find a dualistic argument, that seemingly justifies why you do not have to look inside yourself, why you can continue to look outside—for there is this and that evil in the world, that must be corrected, or judged, or criticized by you.

Nay, stop looking outside yourself and look the only place where you will find the key to the kingdom of heaven. Look inside yourself, look at your own structures of the mind. And then go down to the very foundation, go down into the tomb, where the Peter consciousness is buried deep below in the crypt. Find that sarcophagus, and shatter the lid of it—that you may see inside. And what will you see? Nothing but illusion, nothing but illusion! Do you need to fear an illusion? Nay, you do not. Only the illusion makes you think you need to fear the illusion.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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