Do the works that Jesus did

Ascended Master Jesus, May 10, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

This is essentially the purpose of my mission—to demonstrate the lie, to challenge the lie, to demonstrate that you can rise above the lie. And when I said that those who believe on me, those who follow the path that I have followed, they shall do the works that I did and greater works shall ye do, this is precisely the highest vision that I had in mind. Not that you need to do certain miracles that are largely irrelevant in the modern, scientific age. What I need you to do is challenge the modern-day moneychangers—those who are holding back the people, the temple priests, those who are keeping the people trapped in a lie, keeping them from their God, keeping them from the kingdom of God within them.

And you, today, can do this in far greater measure than I could do 2,000 years ago. Because humankind has progressed in its awareness and understanding, and therefore a much more sophisticated teaching can be brought forth today. And therefore, you can, then, expose more of these lies, more of the lies in the psyche and how the ego is the in-road that allows the prince of this world and the external forces to control the people through that enemy within. You have so many more tools, so many more opportunities for exposing this lie.

And you all have the potential to do this. But you need to accept that you are reborn into that new level of Christhood, where you are able to challenge a particular lie and go out and demonstrate – first to a small group of people but potentially even to larger groups of people – that the lie is not real. It is a lie, and you demonstrate that you have been reborn and accelerated beyond the consciousness of the lie. For it is only the consciousness that springs from unreality—it has no life in it. For it was based on a lie from the very beginning.

And thus, this is the vision I hold for you. I already see you as reborn. Will you come to see yourselves as reborn? Will you accept it and will you then be it in action? That is the question I leave you to ponder, my beloved.

For I, Jesus, accept you for who you are right now. But I also accept you for the MORE that I see. The MORE that you already are Above. If you can only accept it here below, you can be here below all that you are Above.
Ponder this, my beloved, ponder it.

And then, come to the point where you allow yourself to be reborn and you accept that new identity, that you now are. And you accept that there is no point whatsoever in going back to the old or recreating it—for you are a new being in Christ.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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