Did Jesus die on the cross?

Ascended Master Jesus, May 28, 2006, through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I will now give you a teaching about the fourth stage of my mission and life—namely my death on the cross and my resurrection. There are books in this world that claim that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross—that he had learned some kind of technique taught in the mystery schools of the ancient world of how to withdraw the breath from the body for a time, so that it seemed like the body was dead but it could be reawakened through specific methods. It is claimed that giving me the vinegar while I was hanging on the cross was a means to allow myself to put my body into a coma and withdraw the soul.

So my beloved, what is the reality? Well, the reality is that I had studied in the mystery schools of the ancient world. The reality is that I had indeed learned the technique of withdrawing the breath, thereby putting the body into a state where it would be declared dead in any hospital in the modern world. It was indeed my plan, along with a few of my supporters, to go through the crucifixion and use this technique to give the impression of dying on the cross and then being reawakened.

This was my intent. But it did not come to pass. For as I was hanging on the cross, I realized that this was not God’s will. It was indeed God’s will that I, Jesus Christ, went through the experience of physical death, having faith that whether I was resurrected or not would be according to God’s will. You see, my beloved, even the consciousness of wanting to cheat death was in a certain sense a lack of faith on my part, thinking that I somehow had to give God a little bit of help. And thus, I had created a ghost—a ghostly image of how my ascension, how my crucifixion, should take place. And it was indeed that ghostly image that I had to give up while I was hanging on the cross.

For I experienced that – as I started going through the process of withdrawing the breath – God’s Presence withdrew itself from me. And thus, I knew that it was not the will of God to continue. And thus I cried out in affliction, not knowing what was next. And then I surrendered myself, surrendered the ghost, and let my body die.

And it was indeed this act of total surrender – of being willing to die on the cross – that was the key to my resurrection. Thus, why would I build, why would I create, this ghost that it was necessary for me to remain physically alive instead of leaving it up to God? Well, it was partly because my entire mission in Palestine was adapted to the beliefs of the Jews. I did and said many things that were aimed at fulfilling the prophecies in the Old Testament, so that the Jews might accept me as their Messiah and therefore raise their religion out of the Old Testament law and prophets that was now obsolete.

Therefore, knowing how close-minded the leaders of the Jewish religion and many of its followers were, it was necessary to do and say many things that were specifically adapted to fulfilling the prophecies given forth about the coming of the Messiah. And while in that consciousness, I built that ghost of thinking I could go through this process of being crucified without having the physical body die. And thereby, my intent was to continue my mission elsewhere.

Perpetual surrender

So my beloved, I tell you this that you may have an understanding of how subtle the ego can be. And how to the very end of your spiritual path, and your spiritual mission on this earth, the ego can manage to trick you into creating a ghost about your mission on this earth. And I ask you to contemplate this and learn, once again, from my example, thus not being permanently trapped by such a ghostly image imposed by your ego or imposed by other people. For as has been discussed, the world might recognize the presence of the Christ, but the world will want to impose its dualistic images upon how the Christ expresses itself in this world.

And it is very easy for all of us, when we are in a physical body, to adapt in subtle ways to the ways of the world, rather than always being completely open—giving God a clean slate on which to write. Thus, I ask you to contemplate that for as long as you are in embodiment, you need to maintain some awareness of the need to give up the ghost continually. And therefore, I ask you to contemplate the concept of perpetual surrender, whereby you never allow your ego to trick you into thinking that you have now passed some turning point on the path, and now you are beyond the ego or the need to surrender. If you are always willing to surrender, and if you are always alert for what you need to surrender, you cannot be permanently trapped in the consciousness of death. For I tell you, the consciousness of life is indeed the state of perpetual surrender, and thus we who are ascended, and reside in the spiritual realm, are in that state of perpetual surrender.

And I know that many of you, through the Christian dispensation and through other organizations have come to see an ascended master as being somehow perfect. And therefore, how could that ascended master need to surrender anything? But you see, an ascended master does not need to surrender the ego. But an ascended master, at any given time, still has a sense of identity.

And yet in order to maintain its place in the River of Life, even an ascended master has to – at certain intervals – surrender its current sense of identity and accept a greater sense of identity, thus becoming more in the process. This process will not end until you have manifested the full God Consciousness exemplified by your Creator. And even then it will not end, as we will surely describe in the book by Maitreya that will be forthcoming in due time.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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