Creativity is the essence of Christhood

Ascended Master Saint Germain, October 29, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

And thus, you see, creativity – creativity – is the essence of the path to Christhood. There is a certain stage on your personal path, where you can make some progress by following a somewhat mechanical path, where you give outer rituals and study outer teachings. This messenger can attest to it from his own life, where he made progress following this path. Although I must tell you, that he never followed anything mechanically, but always pondered it creatively, coming up with his own inner understanding, always directing it to how he could explain this to others and make it easier for them to understand.

For he knew that part of his mission in this life was indeed to bear witness to this ineffable something, that is beyond an outer truth that can be expressed in words, but it is a Spirit—a glimpse of something beyond, something ineffable. But something that makes you realize, that there is more to life than the ordinary, human existence that seems so bland, that it almost defies description, defies comprehension, how people can live in that state of consciousness for an entire lifetime and not even once cry out for something more.

My Beloved, alchemy is not a mechanical process; it is not a matter of finding the right formula or the right chemical ingredient. It is a creative process. It involves your consciousness. Do you not see, how quantum physics today has proven, that observation is not the passive observer observing external events? Observation is co-creation. Your consciousness is part of everything that happens in your life.

You may think you live in a world, that is independent of you and your state of consciousness. And certainly, there are things in the universe that are independent of your state of consciousness, for they are dependent upon the states of consciousness of other beings, some of whom being not even in embodiment. Nevertheless, your life, your circumstance, your life experience is indeed wholly dependent upon your state of consciousness. And that is why you have the choice to lay down the responsibility, to enter into a personal drama, to even be trapped in one of the epic dramas. And therefore, you live an entire lifetime in that mechanical state of consciousness, where you are not truly going within and taking responsibility for making creative choices, choices that seek something MORE, something deeper, something more profound.

Those of you who can grasp the true inner path will know what I am talking about, when I say this something MORE, this transcendent feeling, this sense that you have grasped something—you have grasped a glimpse of heaven, of what life truly could be. Well this is what you are here to witness to. You are here to witness to it, but how can you do that, unless you step outside of the dramas, unless you realize what the dramas are in your own personal experience and consciousness, so that you can reach for that something MORE?


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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