Completing the circle of initiation

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Do you see that when one starts at the bottom of the figure-eight, one clearly sees that there is a gap between where I am, and where the kingdom of God is, so you have to create a thrust, my beloved, in order to rise above the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness, as Serapis illustrated with his analogy of the rocket. There has to be momentum, you have to create a force, and you have to do it partly with the state of consciousness you are in at the time. Which means that your separate self, your ego, will be involved.

And therefore, the ego will color your efforts to some degree by its desire for self-elevation and for feeling important. And that is why you respond to spiritual teachings that tell you that you have an important mission to save the world for Saint Germain and bring the Golden Age, and do all of these outer things. And so you think that you actively have to be part of this, you have to create some kind of force or thrust that makes it manifest. And this is correct, through the initiations of the first four rays. But you will not get beyond that point until you realize that what has carried you to this point, my beloved, will not carry you further, it will weigh you down.

Look at a rocket again that has several stages. First it has a very large booster that is meant only to accelerate it to a certain point, and then the fuel in that booster is burned out. And it must now be separated from the rocket and it falls away and the rocket starts another engine that takes it beyond to orbit. Do you see, my beloved, that if you insist on holding on to the mindset that boosted you through the first four rays, you cannot progress, you are stuck in a no-man’s land? [You are] feeling that you want to change, that you have to change, you see a glimpse of what has to change, but you cannot internalize it, you cannot bring it into your consciousness.

And thus, the illustration that I want to give you here is that when you come to the nexus point of the figure-eight, you have the potential to attain a new perspective, the perspective of the Christ mind, the mind of oneness rather than the mind of separation. And when you attain that perspective of the Christ mind, you see clearly that the path forward does not go into the upper figure of the figure-eight. No, it goes out from the nexus point and down on the right side of the figure-eight, where you now begin to descend again.

And why does it seem like – in order to rise higher on the spiritual path – you have to start descending? Well, it is because what you have done so far is to take a part of your consciousness and thrust it beyond the mass consciousness, but there is still a part of you left, and that is why you feel a gap, that is why you are not quite there, you are not quite together, you are not quite whole.

And so, you must use the higher thrust and insight and perspective you have gained with a part of your mind, to go down again and rescue, so to speak, all other parts of your being, all other fragments of your soul, if you want to call them that. But even beyond that, you must come to recognize that you are one cell in the Body of God and that your job is not just to resurrect that one cell that you are, but to resurrect the entire body.

And so, in order to rise higher personally, you must begin to share and give out what you have gained, by then seeking to go out into the market place and reach other people, as Jesus demonstrated, by going into the market place of life, giving people what they needed, whether it was a higher spiritual teaching, whether it was healing, whether it was a cup of cold water in Christ’s name, a listening ear. You all have qualities that you are aware of, or can quickly become aware of, that can help other people. Some of you have expressed it, all of you have it. All of you have already used those qualities, but you need to come to the point where you are willing to use them more consciously. Not for your own personal growth, but for the selfless service of raising other parts of life. For it is in that service that you are healed.

topic: Understanding how you give service to life by demonstrating that there is an alternative to the state of consciousness in which most people are trapped. You help others by not validating their egos. The consciousness you will encounter in other people is exactly the consciousness that you have not yet raised in yourself.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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