Claim the true authority of the Living Word

Ascended Master Saint Germain, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

There is a way to claim authority without going into the dualistic tracks that you see in the churches and the scientific and political establishments. When you stand up to – challenge – status quo, those in the established power elite will immediately say, “By what authority do you say this? What authority do you have to challenge the Catholic Church, or the Lutheran Churches, or the scientific establishment? Who are you, what is your background? Ah, you are not a scientist. Well then we don’t need to listen to you. Ah, you have not been willing to bend the knee and submit to the Catholic indoctrination. Well, then we don’t need to listen to you.”

This is the intimidation that has been used successfully by the power elite for a very, very long time, in order to suppress the people and prevent them from bearing witness to the truth they know in their hearts. They have established a culture that truly is a world-wide phenomenon. But I must tell you that within the last 1000 years, that culture has been more powerful in Europe than anywhere else, and the culture is precisely this: that unless you have some kind of earthly authority – given to you by the establishment – then you have no authority and no right to speak out.

Is this not likewise what you saw in the scribes and the Pharisees and the temple priests, those who represented the Jewish establishment and how they challenged Christ and his right to be in embodiment and speak the Living Word and the Living Truth? Can you not see, that you need to completely rise above any need to have any outer authority? And how do you do this, my beloved? You do it precisely by heeding the profound teachings given earlier by Mother Mary and Patrick, about overcoming your expectations of a certain outer result. For you are simply here to bear witness to the truth. And when you dare to speak from the heart—and when they ask you by what authority you speak, you simply say, “I speak the Living Truth, I speak the Living Word that I know in my heart.”

And when they say, “Well then, how can you challenge our authoritative version of truth that we can trace back 15-1700 years?” And you can say, “I challenge it because I know in my heart the Living Truth, as Christ knew the Living Truth in his heart, and as he indeed said that the Kingdom of God is within me. I have dared to look for that Kingdom—I have found it. I have dared to follow the call of Christ that God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. I have gone into the inner Kingdom, and I have discovered the Living Truth and I speak what I receive in my heart, what I receive from Above. I do not speak of my own self, I have no desire for power or position. I want no recognition. I simply speak what I know in my heart, what I receive in my heart. And I speak to those who also know truth in their hearts when they hear it. And therefore, I need no outer authority, nor will I allow any outer authority to keep me quiet, to prevent me from witnessing to the truth that I know, and from letting my light shine. For indeed, I have light whereas you have only outer authority, for if you had the light, why would you need the outer authority?”

This is precisely as the dynamic with Jesus and the temple Priests and the scribes and the lawyers. They had to claim an outer authority because they had not the witness of Christ, they had not the Light of Christ. And they did not have that light because they had not been willing to enter the inner Kingdom and obtain the Key of Knowledge. But you who are willing can have that Key of Knowledge, that Spirit of Truth, that Living Word. And then you can speak by the only authority that counts in heaven. As was said by Patrick, take note that in order for you to truly win your ascension from this planet – at its present level of development – you have to dare to bear witness to the Truth in front of those who have destroyed that living truth by refusing to enter the inner kingdom.

You are here to help manifest the Golden Age of Saint Germain

For my beloved, it is not enough to balance 51% or more of your karma. We have never – ever – said that this was the only requirement for your ascension. For as we have said before, you did not come here to make karma, balance that karma and then leave. You came here to bring a gift, to fulfill your divine plan by helping to set the people free.

And you, who are in embodiment at this time, came here because you wanted to be part of the Aquarian Age of Saint Germain. And you wanted to be part of the process of breaking through the opposition to that age, so that the power elite cannot hold it back, but that it will break through as it broke through in the Renaissance. And suddenly the established power elite of the Church could not hold the floodgates closed and could not prevent the new inventions and thoughts from coming up.

And surely, those new scientific ideas have been taken over by the aspiring power elite, that has now become the established power elite in science and politics. Nevertheless, we just do the same thing again, we leap-frog them – as they say – we jump beyond them, we rise above them, we cut through their walls because we become so transparent, that we can walk right through their barriers. They can no longer hold back our thoughts and our minds, and therefore we can march, we can be on the road to freedom, because we simply do not accept any conditions on earth that can stop our forward movement.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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