Christianity promotes a message that is anti-christ

Ascended Master Jesus, May 26, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Which is why, indeed, the false teachers in this world – assisted by the egos of those who were in powerful positions in the early Church – managed to turn Christianity upside down – to turn my true teachings upside down – and thus present an entirely false image of Christ. It is a sad truth that the mainstream Christian churches today are teaching a doctrine that is entirely anti-christ, and indeed springs from the mind of anti-christ that seeks to create the impression of salvation through control rather than salvation through surrender. Whereby you surrender the ego’s control and accept God control because, as Hercules said, you realize that the Will of God is not alien to your own because God is not outside yourself.

But I want you to recognize that you all have the potential to step into that same position of being the lower half of a figure-eight flow between yourself – your lower being, your conscious self – and the higher Being out of which you came, including your I AM Presence, the ascended master that is out of that same Being. And you can even go to higher levels of the I AM and the I AM THAT I AM and re-establish that figure-eight flow that is the River of Life that makes you a co-creator with God.
This is a potential that all of you have. And not all of you are meant to write books, but all of you are meant to be part of the new movement that is directed and designed to give Christianity a rebirth in this age. And this can happen only when many people, eventually millions of people, are willing to bear witness to the truth. I came to bear witness to the truth, and I sent my disciples into the world to bear witness to the truth.
And thus, if you are willing to accept that about yourself, then you can work with yourself, with your fears, with your hesitation, until you realize that as the disciple of Christ you are called to bear witness unto Christ truth in this age. And thus, when you are ready, when you are willing, I will indeed send you as I sent my disciples. But you must be willing to take that first step, without knowing where it leads. And in order to come to that point, you need to contemplate the profound teachings about the total surrender of your concepts, your expectations, of how your path should be, how your service should be, what your divine plan entails and how it should unfold. Surrender it all, let it drop from you.
For my beloved, only through that surrender will you attain the true non-attachment that allows God to work through you. And this is a concept that I will allow Mother Mary to expound upon, for she – as the representative of the Mother of God – has a unique perspective on this.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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