Christhood shifts the entire spectrum of consciousness

Ascended Master Jesus, November 2, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

Now, what that means is, that there is a correspondence between the parallel universe that you live in as the spiritual people, and the parallel universe of the lowest 10%. It is a law of God, that before a certain manifestation of duality – a certain manifestation of darkness, of evil, can be removed from the earth – before that can happen, there must be those in the top 10% who have raised their consciousness to a certain level, where they have freed themselves from those aspects of the ego that are being out-pictured as that manifestation of darkness.

They must free themselves, but they must also then take a stand and say, “This manifestation of evil is no longer acceptable in my world!” And only when you stand on the Rock of Christ – because you have been willing to remove the beam in your eye, that aspect of the ego which is being out-pictured as that manifestation – only then, when you stand on that Rock of Christ, will you have the authority – or we might say, you will give God the authority – to remove that manifestation of evil from this planet and remove those who will not voluntarily raise their consciousness beyond it.

Do you see that this is how progress occurs on this planet? There must be some in the top 10%, who have reached the level of Christhood, that corresponds to the perversion of that level among the bottom 10%. And only when we have those – a critical mass of people at that level of Christhood – can the perversion of that level be removed. And that way, the entire spectrum of consciousness is shifted upwards. If you look at the spectrum of human consciousness, that you find on this earth, then you will see, that the way progress happens is that the entire spectrum is shifted upwards. It is now possible to go one step higher for the top 10%, but those in the bottom 10% cannot go below a certain level or they will be removed from the earth.

This is the only way that progress can happen; it cannot happen in any other way. It cannot happen through force. It cannot happen by one totalitarian nation conquering the world and establishing the kingdom of God through force. It cannot happen through one religion conquering the world. It cannot happen in any other way but a shift in consciousness, whereby those who have the potential must rise, claim their Christhood, purify their own minds of a certain manifestation of the duality consciousness; and then declare with one voice, with one mind, with one heart, that this must stop, for enough is enough!


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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