Christ to counteract the imbalance in monotheism

Ascend Master Maraytaii, June 26, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

That imbalance became so extreme, that it was deemed impossible by us that we could teach the ancient religion of the Mother again, without first going through an intermediate period of introducing the concept of God the Son, as the Christ, that is the mediator between heaven and earth. Jesus came to introduce that concept, and the concept – in its pure form that Jesus taught 2,000 years ago – stated that it was possible to reconcile man here in this world with the God above, the Divine Masculine.

And you will see that even Jesus had to play upon the image of the remote being in the sky, yet in his true teachings he gave the concept that the kingdom of God is within you, and that you can attain oneness with your Father and thus say “I and my Father are one” and “My Father worketh hitherto and I work.” Thus, you acknowledge yourself as a co-creator with God, when you truly understand Jesus’ teachings. This is the purpose for Jesus’ coming—to set the stage for a greater awareness of the need to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of God. So that when the 2,000 years of the Age of Pisces came to fruition, we would have a platform for reintroducing the reality of religion as the religion of the Mother, by recognizing that the feminine aspect of God is indeed All and in All.

Everything that Jesus has released up until this point has been a gradual and slow preparation for the reintroduction of this truth of the Divine Feminine, and indeed to restore the Divine Feminine in religion. And thus, it is, of course, Jesus’ hope, that this restoration can begin with the Christian religion. And certainly, if you look at the other two so-called monotheistic religions of Judaism and Islam, you see that they are even more focused on the male aspect of God. They are even more prone to suppressing women, not only in religion, but also in society, than is the Christian religion and the Christian world.


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