Christ is Omega, Buddha is Alpha

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, November 2, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

For what is the point in bringing out a teaching on Buddhahood, until a sufficient number of people have grasped the essence of Christhood? For you truly cannot fully understand the Buddha, until you have attained some degree of Oneness with Christ. For there is indeed no competition, no animosity—indeed there is no separation between Christ and Buddha, as we have expressed before, that the Christ is the Omega manifestation of the Buddhic consciousness.

I hold the Alpha balance for the planet by seeing everything as the Buddha Nature. Jesus holds the Omega polarity to my Alpha by being the planetary Christ, who is willing to go out and do battle with the imperfect manifestations, to address them directly and thereby challenge people to come up higher in consciousness.

This is not the role of the Buddha; it is the role of Christ. And it is the role of those of you who desire to rise to the level of Christ and go beyond it to the level of Buddha. For you will not become the Buddha – you will not BE the Buddha – in any other way than by first going through the stage of Christhood, of going out and reaching out to those who are trapped in a lower consciousness. You must dare to shout your message from the housetops. You must dare to do greater works, to allow the God in you to do greater works than that God did through Jesus. Then can you aspire to Buddhahood.

And that is indeed why you see that the eastern religion of Buddhism was turned into an idolatrous religion. Even though it contains the teachings that everything is the Buddha Nature, it is perceived that only few people could attain that state of consciousness. And the reason was that people at the time could not make that leap in consciousness, and that is indeed why the teachings of Christ were given as an intermediary step. Especially for the people in the western world, who are more active and are not meant to spend countless hours in silent meditation while so many people in the world are suffering around them.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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