Christ is not always gentle and kind

Ascended Master Jesus, October 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

So my beloved, I too can be gentle. And it is indeed in order that some people see the gentleness of Jesus. Yet if these people do not recognize that the gentle and loving and kind and compassionate Jesus is the Omega aspect of my God Flame and that I also have an Alpha aspect, then their image of Christ is not complete. For the Omega aspect of the Living Christ does indeed comfort people, love them, raise them up. It is the Omega aspect of Christ that gives people a cup of cold water in Christ’s name. For truly, if people are suffering with a specific problem, then you need to help them overcome that specific problem, instead of giving them a sermon about the higher purpose of life which they are not capable of receiving in their present state of consciousness.

And thus, you did indeed see that when I walked the earth, I healed the sick, I comforted people in whatever state of consciousness they were in, so that they could overcome their afflictions—and by overcoming their immediate affliction, then have the opportunity to move higher. Yet how can they move higher unless they also recognize the Alpha aspect of the Living Christ that calls them to come up higher and to never get comfortable, to never stand still.

The Living Christ is a whole being that embodies all aspects of God and thus has the potential to reach all people and help them take the next step on their path. For it is by taking the next step and continuing to take the next step that you will make it all the way home. There are many false teachers that will promise you that there is a shortcut, so that you can skip a number of steps and jump from your present state of consciousness to the state of enlightenment or being saved or whatever they use to entice people.

But there is no shortcut, for if there was a shortcut, surely all life would already have been saved. You cannot skip steps, and therefore be alert for those who claim that you can be saved or make your ascension without dealing with the ego. For we of the ascended masters are very well attuned to where humankind is at in consciousness. And we know that in this day and age humankind is ready for the teachings on the ego. They are ready to recognize that the ego is the main factor that prevents them from manifesting their Christhood. And thus, I must tell you that any teacher who claims to be teaching about Christhood but is not teaching about the human ego, well that teacher cannot be connected to the ascended masters.

This does not necessarily make them false teachers, for they might still have valid teachings for people at a certain level of consciousness. But if you claim to be teaching about Christhood without teaching about the ego, then you are not in tune with what we of the ascended masters are bringing out in this age. And thus, you must choose which teacher you will follow. And that is why all who are following my website know that the teachings on the ego are essential. You know it is essential for yourself, but I think you also sense that they are essential for humankind.

Civilization cannot progress until people recognize the ego

If humankind does not recognize the existence and nature of the ego, then civilization cannot make that leap of mastering the initiations of the consciousness of Pisces and moving into the consciousness of Aquarius. It simply is not possible. And that is why we are using a variety of people to bring forth teachings on the ego, whether it be psychologists or self-help gurus. I can assure you that anyone who teaches openly, sincerely and honestly about the human ego is attuned to the ascended masters at some level. They may not be officially sponsored as messengers but they are certainly sponsored at some level and inspired to bring out these teachings.

For there are at present very few people who teach about the ego while still being completely blinded by the consciousness of death. And thus, although not all who teach about the ego have the full understanding of the ego, they are very much working for the goal of the ascended masters in this age. And thus, I do recommend that you study teachings from a variety of sources about the ego. Because the more you understand about the ego, the better chance you have that one day the specific words you read will click in your consciousness and release that understanding that helps you see an aspect of your ego that has so far remained hidden.

Even though I try on my website to give teachings on the ego that are suitable for people at many levels of consciousness, the website is not meant to reach every level of consciousness. And I cannot explain every aspect of the ego in so many different ways that I can reach everyone. Thus, there could be another teacher out there who has brought forth a certain teaching, a certain wording, that could help you, that could unlock that understanding. Again, do not limit yourself. I have no desire to see my website become like the movements in the Piscean Age that claimed that they had the only truth or that you should only look at their teachings.

Study the ego from many different angles. Study the spiritual path from different angles. And then use your discernment. For even if you read something that is not sponsored by the ascended masters, that might even contain errors, it is an opportunity for you to increase your discernment. And if you are not willing to study even that which is inaccurate, how can you truly increase your ability to discern between reality and unreality? And how can you then increase your ability to help others.

Do you see, there is no reason to have regrets over the fact that in the past you have studied a teaching that you might not consider to be the highest possible today. For you increased your own discernment by doing so, and you also increased your ability to help those who are still stuck at that level of consciousness. Now that you have come up higher, you can help others come up higher. But had you not known how they think, what questions they have, how could you help them.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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