Choosing to walk the path

Ascended Master Jesus August 19, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

I now draw a line in the sand and I say, “We of the ascended masters demand change, we demand growth!” You cannot remain the same. When you understand the Law of Free Will, you understand that this is not a violation of your free will. You have a right to deny the path of growth, but you do not have a right to deny it forever. There comes a day when you must choose whom you will serve, and this day is it.

I am Jesus Christ, and I speak these words in the material universe, and therefore these words become the judgment even as they were when I walked the earth physically. I demand change. We of the ascended masters demand change. And why? Because we have sown the good seed in many spiritual organizations, and we are entitled to a harvest. And that harvest can come only through you, by you stepping up to the plate, internalizing the inner path, becoming the teaching and becoming the teacher.

How can you follow Jesus Christ and the teachings of Jesus Christ? By becoming Jesus Christ in embodiment. I am not saying that I want you to become clones of me. I want you to be the Christ that you are and to express the individuality of the Christ that you are.

This is the only demand of the path. This is the only way to fulfill the true path. If you are not becoming the Christ, you are following the way that seems right unto a man. And in that respect I must say that you cannot become the Christ. The only choice is to be the Christ or to not be the Christ, and you are making that choice every moment of every day.  So therefore I now say, “Choose to be!”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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