Can the Catholic Church ever be renewed?

Ascended Master Patrick, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

In the stillness of nature is where you find your power, in the stillness of the heart. I am Patrick, the Ascended Master Patrick. For in this day and age, I prefer to leave out the “Saint.” For my beloved, as an ascended master, surely you realize that I am not a Catholic. I am here to raise up all life, not only those who belong to a particular religion or race or ethnic or national group.

Even though I won my ascension serving Christ in Ireland, I am not Irish either. For when you ascend, you go beyond all human divisions. For as Mother Mary so beautifully explained earlier today, you ascend by surrendering the human conditions that make you think you are outside the kingdom of God.

This beautiful invocation that you have just given, the Invocation of the River of Life, is one of my favorite invocations. And it is partly because it so beautifully captures the essence of the River of Life that we experience in the ascended state. The ongoingness of the joy of God that is unstoppable, that always flows—no matter what. But I must tell you, also, that this invocation reminds me of a personal experience that I went through after I had been in Ireland for a while.

On a cold, damp, fall day, I had come to feel somewhat discouraged, for I felt that there had not been the expected response to my coming and my preaching, even to some of the so-called miracles that had been performed by God through me and those who also were willing to come up higher with me. So I did, as I so often did, take a walk in the mountains. And I came upon this little brook, much like the one you followed in the ascent up the mountain yesterday. And I sat down and I quite frankly put my head on my knees and shed a tear in despair. And for some time I was going over in my mind what I felt was my personal woes. For I too could sometimes become melancholic or – as the modern saying goes – depressed.

Fortunately, there was no psychiatrist standing next to me ready to offer me a get-happy-quick pill. So after some time of feeling sorry for myself, my attention was suddenly called to the gentle babbling of the stream. I raised my head and I looked up and I saw this miniature waterfall passing over a small rock. And suddenly my eyes zoomed in, and I saw how that rock had been worn soft and smooth by the passage of the water during the passage of time.

And suddenly, I realized that even if I did not see visible results in my lifetime in this land, then surely my efforts were not in vain. For I would plant a seed, and as that seed would grow, it would be like the flowing stream where even the soft water could wear away the hardened rock. And in an instant my depression, my self-pity, was flowing downstream with the water. And my spirits were lifted. For I realized that that water had to come from somewhere. It had to come from the top of the mountain. And beyond that top, it had to come from the rain that descended from the heavens. I felt reconnected to the River of Life. And I felt that river flowing inside of me and I was greatly comforted and energized. And I leapt to my feet and I walked back to our humble mission, and I was a transformed person, for surely my compatriots had noticed my somewhat gloomy demeanor, as I pushed aside an uneaten dinner and walked up in the hills without saying a word.

How they destroyed the Church of Ireland

I give you this image to inspire you. But also to give you a realistic assessment of what it was like to be Patrick. For when you look back at my life today – after 1,500 years of idolatry and idolizing – you do not see the real Patrick—for how could you? You see the Saint Patrick that the Catholic Church – especially the Catholic Church of Ireland – has wanted to pass down to you. They do not want you to know the real person as I was back then or as I am today as the ascended master.

They want you to accept their graven image, for their graven image is carefully crafted to give you the impression that I was so special and so far above you, that you could not possibly walk in my footsteps and make a difference for an entire country. They do not want you to realize that if you are willing to let God in you flow, to let your light shine, then God in you can make a difference for your country. If just one person is willing to be God in action, to realize the truth in Christ’s words that, “I of my own self can do nothing, it is the Father within me. He doeth the work.”

One person, God through that one person, can plant a seed, can start a new movement that will gradually grow and change an entire nation and the mindset of an entire nation. Yet I must tell you that unless more people pick up and create a movement that is sustainable, well then the change will not last.

For surely, if you look at the history of my life and the history of Ireland, you will see, that yes Ireland was changed by my presence, Ireland became a Christian nation, but surely you will see – given the open-minded people that you are – that after just a century or so, Ireland started going the way of the rest of Europe. Where the Catholic Church became increasingly rigid and focused on outer doctrines and rituals, and started burning as heretics anyone who dared to speak the Living Word of God.

For my beloved, I can assure you that I did not convert the closed-minded people of Ireland by speaking the dead word and reading from a scripture. I spoke the Living Word, for I let the River of Life flow through me, so that that river could speak what the people at that time needed to hear. What happened was that those who were in the serpentine consciousness, those who opposed me openly as the Kings and the Druids and their priests, they reincarnated as the Catholic priests and Bishops who then took power in the Church in Ireland and then quickly followed along with those in the Catholic Church throughout Europe, who shut down the Living Word and shut down those who dared to speak or write the Living Word as did so many, even some of the early Church fathers, such as Origen.

You can see this if you care to look at history, how what they were after was to shut down the Living Word, so that all that could be preached from the Catholic pulpits was the controlled Word, the dead word, that would not ignite the heart flame of the people so that they would wake up and become the Christ in action—after those that had inspired them by demonstrating Christhood.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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