Calling the 10,000 Christed beings

Ascended Master Jesus, October 24, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

It is a law, that those who have abused power cannot be taken from the earth, until someone in embodiment has risen to a level of Christhood, where they can hold the position that these lifestreams held before they fell into duality. This is a law, and I can tell you, that there are 10,000 people – the 10,000 people I have spoken about since I gave the book The Mystical Teachings of Jesus – there are 10,000 lifestreams who have volunteered to embody in this Age precisely to be part of this work.

Those 10,000 are the ones, that I now call to awaken to their calling, to their purpose, and to realize that you are here to rise up and claim your Christhood, manifest that Christhood. For I tell you, that the lifestreams that are judged today will not be taken out of embodiment all of them today, but only as some of the 10,000 Christed ones rise up to the sufficient levels of Christhood, where they can then be taken and the earth will therefore be free from the burden of the downward pull of these lifestreams and their abuse of power.

When the 10,000 begin to awaken, you will indeed see, that some of the high and mighty that you have seen around in the world for many years – be it in the world of politics or in the world of finance, in the world of the military or in other areas – you will see that they will disappear. Somehow they will either be taken out of embodiment or be so incapacitated by having to bear the burden of their own karma, that they will no longer be able to abuse power. Or they will be exposed so that the people can finally see them for what they are—hollow shells that have no power, even though they yesterday appeared to be almost invincible.

Already, a cycle has started, of the public seeing through some of these people, seeing how they have abused and misused power for so long that it is time to say “Enough is enough!” I call upon all of you to remember at inner levels who you are. I call upon you to rise up and to acknowledge that it is time to step out of the shadows. It is time to stop hiding your light under a bushel.

It is time to be who you are, to let that light shine from the housetops, where it can be seen, and where you become a magnet that opens the heart of others to the point, where they will be awakened as well. So that the millions who have the potential to pursue the path of Christhood consciously in this lifetime, will indeed be awakened to that calling, to that potential. Let it be so, let it be so this day, for I speak it with the full fire of my Being, THE FULL FIRE OF MY BEING, the Alpha and the Omega of my Being. And so it is manifest!


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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