Become a prince or princess of peace

Ascended Master Elohim of Peace, May 4, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Ah, my beloved, if you would give the greatest service for eradicating conflict and war from this planet, then commit yourself to walking the inner Path of Peace, so that you can learn from Jesus, so that you can learn from the Prince of Peace, until you too can become a prince or princess of peace. You can inherit your Father’s kingdom and then give it to all.

The sixth ray is the ray of Peace. And the seventh ray is the ray of Freedom. The earth is destined to move from the Age of Peace into the Age of Freedom. Yet, how can there possibly be freedom until there is peace? For if you do not have peace in your own being, how can you possibly be free? You will be enslaved by the emotional thralldom that pulls you away from peace at the slightest provocation. As soon as some condition on earth does not live up to your expectation of perfection, then you are pulled out of peace. And since hardly anything on this earth can live up to the expectation of perfection, you are constantly in a state of non-peace.

Likewise, how can the Golden Age of Saint Germain be manifest on earth as long as the dark clouds of war are hanging as a constant threat over this planet? How can nations truly build the Golden Age if everything they build could be destroyed in a matter of minutes through a nuclear holocaust or even through a conventional war? Look at the nation of Iraq today. How can you build a nation, how can you build a future, when at any moment a bomb can be exploded and destroy what people have built?

This shows you that the key to freedom is peace. And I have now given you the key to peace. Will you apply it, or will you allow the ego to continue to trick you into believing that only when certain outer conditions are met, can you be at peace?

The ego wants you to think that only when certain conditions are met in your personal life, can you be at peace about your own life. And only when certain conditions are met in the world, can you be at peace about the future of this planet. Yet I tell you: it is a lie. For the outer conditions are nothing but the reflection of your inner conditions. And thus, you will never have conditions of peace in your own life or on your planet until you make the decision to be at peace inside yourself—regardless of the outer conditions.

You see, my beloved, the essential expectation that the ego has built is that your inner peace depends on peace in the outer world. This is the illusion of the ages, for your inner peace depends on nothing outside yourself. Your inner peace depends on only one thing—your inner contact with, your centeredness in, the God Flame of Peace. And there is nothing that can stand between you and that inner contact with the Flame of Peace because, as Jesus also told you, the kingdom of God is within you. Meaning that no outer conditions in your own psychology or being, or on the planet on which you live, can come between you and your oneness with God, your oneness with the Flame of Peace.

Thus, stop looking for peace outside yourself. Start looking for peace the only place it can be found—in the kingdom of peace that is within you, in the Flame of Peace that I AM, and that I am willing to share with all those who will dedicate themselves to being at peace regardless of outer conditions.

Thus, peace be still and know that I AM God. Peace be still and know that the I AM Presence within you is God. My peace I leave with you. Multiply it and radiate it to all life so that this planet can be at peace.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels